Last minute Q

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  • When: 09/24/15
  • The PAX: Heisenburg, Snuffy (Respect) Feud, Jumanji, BigBird, Drone, SOC, Sticky Rice, FarahandFarah (Respect), Drone, FNG David - now known as Wombat, FNG Jeremiah - now known as Mudhen

Yesterday I was looking at SignUp Genius to see who the Q was for today.  I didn’t see one marked, so I asked via Twitter.  Hollywood was supposed to Q, but was down with the flu.  So, I stepped up and took it.  There were 2 FNG’s today brought by Barker (yeah!).  They said..not sure what I’ve stepped in to and why are most people wearing gloves….


  • LBAC fwd 15 ic
  • LBAC bck 15 ic
  • Don Quixote 15 ic
  • Raise the roof 15 ic

The Thang:

The PAX moseyed around the park on track headed to the racquetball court. Stopping at jungle gym for 10 pullups each. Air chair while waiting.

At Raquetball court:

  • BTTW 30 seconds
  • Low Duck walk around court
  • Peoples chair with claps 15 ic
  • Bear Crawl around court – someone said bears do walk on two feet too.

Rinse / repeat

Moseyed to Parking lot – grabbed some curb.

  • Rocky Balboas – 30 seconds
  • Incline Merkin 15 IC
  • High Steps 15 per leg
  • Derkin 10 IC
  • Calf raises 30 seconds
  • Curb Flutter kicks 15 ic
  • LBC 15 IC

Moseyed to field  -Stopping at jungle gym for 10 pullups each. Air chair while waiting.

QIC wanted to put a few PAX on the spot.

Dealers Choice – Barker guest Q

  • Backward lunges 15 per leg
  • Star Jacks 10 oyo

Dealers Choice – SOC guest Q

  • Good morning Abby 10 oyo
  • Burpees 10 OYO

Circled up:

  • Russian Twist 15 ic
  • Flutter kicks 15 ic
  • LBC 15 IC

Naked Moleskin:

This Q was put together at last minute, some say it caused rain…or was that sweat. There so was much huffing an puffing to go around, a few PAX could not hear YHC  when announcing next exercise. Noted.

Two FNG’s – Mudhen (lived in Toledo). Wombat – a Navy pilot, call name, Combat Wombat (took a selfie with a wombat)

F3 MudRun – sign up!!

Milk jugs get them, bring them. Add Water then bleach.

Prayer request – Mudhen (sick 11month old twins), Purifier (God’s Plan), Hollywood (get better, next Q is on you).

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