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Pride.  Arrogance.  Selfishness.

These things are hard to shake for a man.  You are usually awash in all three during your late teenage years and into your twenties.  For many men they do not fade away unless something in their life shakes them- they see a brother die, they cheat on their wife and soon their kids are gone with her, or a heart attack lands them in a hospital bed at 40.

I was heavy in all 3.  But about the time I started to handle the F3 workouts and move toward the front of the PAX, the realization hit- so what?  If I am faster and stronger than everyone else in the PAX- what have I accomplished?  If all F3 provides is a measure of my physical prowess and a proving ground what happens after I win?

In the Circle of Pain I started to look to my right and instead of making sure I beat him to the line or pushed out 10 more reps I asked- what does that brother need from me?  How can I help him get better?  How can I be the iron that sharpens?

And I thought- what can I learn from this man?  Because the 6 might have the most to teach.  It takes courage to lead, but it takes more courage to struggle to bring up the rear and to keep coming back.

F3 has not rid me of pride, arrogance, or selfishness, but it has helped me understand how to Live 3rd and how to put them into perspective.

Pride- in my brothers, my family, and my community

Arrogance- because WE post in gloom together to do hard things and make each other better

Selfishness- because my brothers in the circle have much to teach and I want that experience and knowledge.

If you’ve only posted once or twice because you couldn’t keep up.  Or you are scared to come for the first time because you think you’ll be embarrassed- you are missing the point of F3.  You have the most to offer, because you might help a brother lose some of that life-killing pride, arrogance, and selfishness.  And we will all get better together, which IS the point.


The Thang we did to Look Right

Pick a partner that is at a different level of fitness than yourself for a little traveling Dora 1-2-3

Mosey to the Creek Park

  • 100 merkins total for you and your partner

Mosey to San Marco Square

  • Air chair with overhead claps
  • 200 squats for you and your partner
  • 50 squat jumps onto fountain ledge for you and partner
  • 50 lunges for you and partner

Mosey to River Overlook Park place (stinks of bait, but nice view)

  • 200 Iron Crosses for you and partner

Mosey back toward ANCHOR homebase

  • 2 sets of around the world with 8 merkins at each position

Race back toward ANCHOR- if you finish in the front, swing back around and pick up the 6 or do burpees


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