The Swamp

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  • When: 09/24/215
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Big Bird, LIFO, Feud, Heisenberg, Rev, Sticky Rice, SOC, Snuffy, Toxic, Drone

11 PAX braved the wet conditions and standing water to ‘Just Say No to Soccer Arms’ at BOHICA.  YHC brought some pain he’d learned in the Isotope region from Crimson and Capone.

Weather: swamp

The Thang


Everyone with milk jugs or bricks and all exercises IC

  • Big arm circles forward x 5
  • Big arm circles backward x 5
  • Front raise alternating arms x 20
  • Shoulder press x 20
  • Pterodactyl x 20
  • Curls for the girls x 25
  • Modified deadlift (the JAX hop) x20
  • On 6 for chest press x20
  • On 6 for chest fly x15
  • On 6 for LBCs with coupons on chest x20

No coupons for Merkin rolls x20

The Crimson

10 pull-ups run to cone 10 burpees run back to playground; 9 pull-ups, etc. all the way to 0

YHC emphasized that trouble doesn’t usually happen when its 70, sunny, and you’re well rested.  It happens it the dark rain when you’re tired.  So push yourself and ask a little more to finish out in the wet gloom.

Sprint across field and back- 10 merkins, 9 merkins, 8 merkins, 7 merkins, and ran out of time

BOM- prayers for Rev’s friends going through cancer



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