Down to the river

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“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better, and your better is best.” -Tim Duncan

Missing quite a few PAX this AM but we were so glad Drone made it a priority to join us at 7:05.

Warm Up

Because we were field tripping today, we honored the train in between warm ups.

SSH x20 IC(5 burpees OYO)

Toy Soldiers x20IC (4 burpees OYO)

Hillbillies x20 IC (7 burpees OYO) Drone was late

IW x20 IC (2 burpees OYO)

Pencil Squats x20IC (1burpee)

Mosey to the square (Karaoke, backwards, w/ broad jumps and lunges mixed in for giggles)

WHEEL! OF! MERKNS! X7 OYO (rinse and repeat)

10 jump ups OYO

15 dips OYO (RnR)

10 Russian 1-legged squats each leg OYO

Mosey to the River

Iron Cross w partner x200 OYO

Travoltas x5 supposed to be IC but ended up being comic relief (at least the view was amazing)

Mosey back to AO (ran about 1.5 miles)


Protractor and Railroad to put a cherry on top


Feud festival announcement, Purifier, FNF out-of-town, Mud run boys



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