The Luckier Horseshoe

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  • When: 11/12/15
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Barker, LIFO, Feud, Hollywood, OTC, Big Bird, Eileen, Rev, Toxic, Snuffy, Drone

Conditions: FLORIDA! 74 degrees w/ 100% Humidity

*Drone decided to kick up his work out and go Jiffy Feet(forgot his shoes)  and still smoked us all!

The Thang:

Warm up

SSH x 25 IC

IW x25 IC

Morning Wood x10 OYO

LBAC F/B x20 IC (no recover)

Morocan Night Club x20 IC

Reach Throughs ( Don Quixote position but reach through legs 3 count) IC x20


Indian Walk w/ Lunges, front/back/side + leap frogs & crab walk to the front

Playground time

Pull ups x5

Pull up squats x10

Plank Crunches x15 (All OYO)

Mosey to the Grass

Lucky Horseshoe Time!

All exercises x20 OYO

Lap 1 Merkins

Lap 2 Merkins, Squats

Lap 3 Merkins, Squats, Crabcakes

Lap 4 Merkins, Squats, Crabcakes, V Ups

Lap 5 Merkins, Squats, Crabcakes, V Ups, Lunges

Lap 6 Squats, Crabcakes, V Ups, Lunges

Lap 7 Crabcakes, V Ups, Lunges

Lap 8 V Ups, Lunges

Lap 9 Lunges

Lap 10


3000 Merkins in November Update, Wolfson 55k Run in January.

Prayers for Rev’s House to rent, Savannah launch, unspokens.


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