Return of the Deck o’ Death

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  • When: 12/1/15
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Snuffy, Sticky Rice, OTC, LIFO, Feud, Heisenberg

Epilogue: Under the fluorescent lights of Anthill, eight triumphant men stood in the pre-dawn 90% humidity, generating more steam than Gus Bradley in the locker room Sunday after losing to a team with a .200 record.  The Deck of Death lay soggy and vanquished in the dewy grass, bested again by the fortitude of the Jax Pax.  Here’s how it went down:


15 each x LBACB/LBACF

20 x Don Quixote

10 x Morning Wood OYO

25 x Monkey Humpers

15 each x BACB/BACF

20 x Peter Parker

The Thang:

2:00 Merkin AMRAP (with partner counting) to test our improvement from the November 3000 Merkin challenge.  Flapjack.

2 x 10 Mixed grip pullups on monkey bars

Deck of Death:

  • Hearts = Squat jump (lower)
  • Diamonds = Lunges (lower)
  • Spades = Merkins (upper, alternate between Werkin, Merkin, Diamond)
  • Clubs = Burpees (upper)

We ran out of time before finishing the deck, but the total rep count was 74 squat jumps, 33 Merkins, 69 Burpees, and 65 lunges.

Naked Moleskin:

YHC is planning to plant a new run-oriented downtown AO in the near future, stay tuned for details.

BB brought up the possibility of talking with City Rescue Mission downtown about planting a group down the road similar to Mission at Oliver Gospel Mission in Columbia.

Continued prayers for OTC with career direction, Toxic’s wife for recent breast cancer surgery, and Jumanji’s back.


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