Early XMas Presents

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  • When: 12/07/15
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: FarahNFarah, Toxic, Jumanji

Welcome to the 25 of Christmas

The Thang

4 PAX decided that Monday would be better amongst brothers who were fighting(and winning) against the Fartsack.  We got a little festive and worked hard to overcome our eating habits with some holiday hustle.

Warm Up x20 IC

We mosied around the lot unti FNF decided to grace us at 5:32


LBAC Forward/Backward

Moroccan Night Club

Cherry Pickers

Reach Throughs

Don Quixotes

Mountain Climbers w 5 extra for FNF (crowd pleaser)

Celebration Time! All x25 OYO but as a group bc Christmas is about being “together”

Run to the concession stand between each (path looked like a candy cane)

C-Carolina Dry Docks

H- Hydrolic Squats

R- Reverse Crunch

I- Imperial Walkers

S- Sweat Angels

T- Turkish Get Ups aka Morning Wood

M- Mexican Squats

A- American Hammer

S- Squerkins (partner up, one man in the plank w the other holding legs like a wheelbarrow, man 1 does an Derkin, man 2 does a squat)

Mosied to the field for final present.


Circle Merk x2 rounds


Toxic’s wife w Breast Cancer, FNF’s mom dealing w the loss of her husband, praise for Jumanji’s back healed up.

I challenged the PAX to do something today for someone that could not repay you.

Merry Christmas a few days early!



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