The Jedi Academy Entrance Exam

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  • When: 12/10/15
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Toxic (respect), OTC, Jumanji, Heisenberg, BigBird, Snuffy (respect), Drone, Feud

8 PAX showed up in the gloom for this morning’s beat-down. Following a challenging Beast workout, the PAX realized the true meaning of BOHICA when the they realized that milk jugs were part of this morning’s program. The mumble chatter started early. YHC had to use Jedi mind tricks to convince the PAX to endure the warm-ups as they underwent the trials to enter the Jedi Academy.


* SSH x 15 IC

* Don Quixote x 13 IC

* BAC Forward/backwards x10 IC

* Curls for the girls x 20 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Big-Boy Sit-ups x 20 OYO

Squats x15

* With the PAX’s favorite- milk jugs

The Thang

“Kessel” Run– In Episode IV, Han Solo says his Millennium Falcon did this route smugglers take in under 12 parsecs (which is a unit of measure); he essentially found a short cut because the normal Kessel Run was 18 parsecs.

  • Around the library and park (which is shorter than running to the Stein), stop at picnic tables for “Jedi” jump-ups x10- repeat for 3 laps

10 Burpees to honor the train once Kessel run completed.

Partner up for Jedi “Force” Training– Luke doing handstand while lifting rocks in Episode V

  • Partner 1: Balls to the Walls
  • Partner 2: Overhead shoulder presses x 20 with milk jugs
  • Switch

Yoda imitation with duck walk around court after each set.

Short mosey to Basketball court

  • “Tiberius” Shuttle Run– named after the Imperial Shuttle stolen by the Rebels in Episode VI
    • Start at first foul line- LBC x10, run to baseline, then to mid court
    • At mid-court- flutter kicks x10, run to first foul line to second foul line
    • Af second foul line- Freddie Mercury x10, run to mid-court to second baseline
    • Af second baseline- Box cutters x10

Mosey back to field for Lightsaber Dual with partner (any and every episode); since there were only 8 of us, each Padawan two light sabers (hot and cold water PVC pipes) each.  One Padawan was heard saying, “Don’t swing so hard!” during the second series with squat jumps.

  • Series of high/low strikes x20 IC
  • Series of high/low strikes with squat jumps x10, OYO
  • Series of high/low strikes with front kicks x10 each leg, OYO


Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • PAX to arrange photo to send as Christmas card to send to girl in news who lost family in a fire
  • Prayers for Feud’s team members, one who had back surgery and another who was diagnosed with cancer
  • Prayers for LIFO’s recovery from knee surgery
  • New Run oriented AO slated to start in January on Mondays

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