Ciabatta, Straight Outta the Oven

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  • When: 12/29/15
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Hollywood, Farah & Farah, SOC, Barker, Jumanji, Heisenberg, Feud, OTC, Snuffy

Thanks to a semiconscious tap of the snooze button and subsequent intervention from the SkyQ, YHC woke from a dead sleep with a sinking feeling, confirmed by a glance at the alarm clock: 5:26.  In a feat of near-superhuman speed and panicked focus (with a little help from my amazing wife), it took under 3 minutes to get clothes, shoes, contacts, water bottle, wallet, keys, phone, and crappy dollar bin speaker in order and out the door.  YHC arrived at Anthill five minutes late (without running any lights) – definitely suboptimal, but avoided pulling a full Farah & Farah (Q MIA).  Jumanji had graciously warmed up the pax, and after a little well deserved mumblechatter (“Does that speaker sync with your alarm clock?”), the real work began – hot, fresh, sweaty Ciabatta!

The Thang: Ciabatta (Tabata) circuits, 20 sec. on, 10 sec. off, 8 rounds per set (4:00)

Set 1: Mountain climbers & Derkins (alternate rounds)

Easy mosey around AO perimeter

Set 2: Freddy Mercuries & V-ups

Indian run around library and AO perimeter

Set 3: Star squat jumps & Baryshnikovs (forever known by the Jax Pax as the Barry Shinkov) (crowd pleaser!)

Set 4: One-legged burpees & Frog jumps

Set 5: High knees & Simulated jump rope

With a few minutes to spare, YHC introduced the Hands of Time (see lexicon), performed IC for 15 rounds.

Yesterday, Santini wrote a great post about choosing a single word that will serve as a life theme and decision-making filter for the coming year.  This is something I’ve done individually and with my wife the last few years, mostly regarding areas of personal growth we believe the Lord wants to work in over the next 12 months.  Read the full post below, and consider giving some thought and/or prayer to what you want the overarching theme of your life and daily actions to be for 2016. Then if you really want an extra kick in the pants, share it with a brother and have him hold you accountable to live out your word.

Your One Word for 2016…

Ripe, Sweaty Moleskin

  • Still no sign of winter here in J-ville; pre-dawn conditions were 72 degrees and dewy with 90% humidity; perfect for making the Pax sweat buckets.
  • For future reference, the Baryshnikov/Star Jump combo is a guaranteed TBQ inducer
  • The $5 speaker from Target for the Tabata tracks performed about how you’d expect a $5 speaker to perform, but it did its job well enough to leave the Pax drenched in sweat and gasping for air, which is all it needed to do.
  • T-claps to Jumanji for taking over while YHC’s eventual attendance was in question and seamlessly handing back the Q

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Snuffy & BB asked for prayer for Juco from SC and his mother-in-law, who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.
  • Eileen hurt his knee over the weekend, which is why he wasn’t able to Q on his birthday today.  Pray for a quick recovery.
  • Upcoming CSAUP events:
    • Gate River Run (March 12, 2016) – registration cost is currently $40 but goes up $5 after 12/31, so sign up now if you know you’ll be running!  Registration is HERE.
    • Shameless plug – if you’re running the Gate or know people who are, come out for the launch of F3 Jacksonville’s new run-oriented AO next Monday, 0530 at Friendship Fountain!
    • Spring F3 Mud Run (April 30, 2016) – F3 registration isn’t open yet, but information is available at the main USMC Ultimate Challenge website HERE

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