The Jax Pax Choose Their One Word for 2016

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The Jax Pax have spoken, and this is the one word we want to represent our purpose and trajectory over the next year. If you haven’t read it yet, check out Santini’s post about the practice of choosing One Word for the year. “Impact” carries tones of strength, momentum, and clear direction; is broad, yet concrete.

As a band of brothers, our commitment is to:

  • Have an IMPACT on each other, getting messy and vulnerable and allowing others into the challenging stuff of life so that we can sharpen each other as #IronSharpensIron
  • Have an IMPACT on our families, valuing our spouses, children and other loved ones above our own interests, hobbies, careers, and desires, because real men put themselves #Third and love sacrificially
  • Have an IMPACT on those in need around us, the people who are neglected and marginalized by society, because they have value as human beings and we have been blessed in order to be a blessing
  • Have an IMPACT on the city of Jacksonville, because there are countless Sad Clowns in our own town who desperately need to see what a real leader and High Impact Man looks like

That’s our commitment for 2016. That’s the theme that will guide our growth and decisions this year. What kind of impact will you have? Are you in?

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