It has a Name! Genesis

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  • When: 01/04/16
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Heisenberg, Farah&Farah, Hollywood

With the launch of a concurrent Monday running workout it was time to give this one a name.  Plant Q Heisenberg was given a variety of creative and appropriate names and went with Genesis to signify the start of each new week- the best time to start getting better.

YHC brought some of his dumbbells to make things more interesting and to continue to pursue his life-long crusade against soccer arms.

Mosey to road (1/2 mile) with:

  • 15 warm-up burpees
  • wheel of merkin with 8 reps at each position
  • 10 step-ups each leg
  • 20 dips

COP- each man had one dumbbell of 25 or 30 lbs for each exercise

  • curls for the girls 15 IC each arm
  • squat 15 IC
  • goblet squat 15 IC
  • single arm military press 15 IC each arm
  • modified clean and jerk 15 IC each arm
  • lunges 10 OYO each leg
  • American Hammer 20 IC
  • single arm chest press 15 IC each arm
  • American Hammer 20 IC
  • Goblet chest press 15 IC

Admittedly YHC lost track of counts while admiring his biceps at several points, so the above are only estimates.

Mosey to playground for a 6 pack of pull-ups and merkins- up and down the ladder

Mosey to picnic area for 4 corners- balls to the wall on post, duck walk to next post, people’s chair, lunge to next post, balls to the wall, duck walk, people’s chair


  • Flutter kicks IC 30
  • LBCs IC 20
  • Ws IC 15
  • Rosalita IC 20
  • Pickle Pounders IC 10 (just because)


  • Prayers for the Church of 1122 as they plant their new Baymeadows location this Sunday
  • Prayers for Toxic and his M and 2.0 as they travel in Ireland
  • MIA: Balut
  • Chatter about turning this workout into a strength focused kettlebell workout (really that’s just what YHC wants so he can stare vapidly at his biceps)
  • January is bring a FNG SadClown month- sponsor one today
  • Come to ANTHILL tomorrow for a Frozen Snot-Woggler complete with inventive and novel coupons

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