Deck of……..Life?

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  • When: 01/12/16
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: OTC, Drone, Feud, SOC, Heisenberg, Toxic (respect), Snuffy (respect), BigBird

8 brave souls posted in the 34 degree gloom this morning. YHC had 2 workouts planned for today; one for if Bama won the National Championship, and one for if that other team in South Carolina in the ugly orange won. As a Gator fan and a man with Gamecock roots I naturally chose the easier of the 2 workouts for if Alabama brought the championship trophy back to the SEC where it belongs.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 20 IC
  • Goof Balls for 30 seconds
  • Squats x 20 IC

We then went for a quick jog around the library to try and get some blood flowing in our frigid Florida bodies.

The Thang

It was then that YHC busted out the Deck of Death, (renamed the Deck of Life by one optimistic PAX, I’m sure he took it back when we were done) which was shuffled by Toxic so that the PAX knew that no foul play was involved on YHC’s part. Here was our deck for today:

  • Hearts = Pickle Pounders
  • Diamonds = Diamond Merkins
  • Spades = Monkey Humpers
  • Clubs = Modified Captain Thor (number on the card = how many Big Boy Situps, number on the card x 4 = how many American Hammers. This was a crowd pleaser especially when I drew the Ace which was high of course)
  • 1st Joker: 11’s with dips and bench jumps
  • 2nd Joker: Suicide bear crawl out, crab walk in. 10 gorilla humpers each time you arrive back at the base line.

Naked Moleskin

This morning’s workout was chilly but a great time with my brother’s. Good thing it was early because this workout involved way too many humpers and pounders. The difference I am seeing in my body and what I can do workout to workout is nothing short of amazing. Like I’ve heard it said, “The workout doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.” I can definitely see this played out in my F3 journey thus far.

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • The Bus’s uncle passed away. Please remember him and his family.
  • Please also remember my girlfriend and her family as she lost her grandfather this week. The funeral will be Thursday. Pray that I can be an encouragement to the family.
  • Continue you to pray for Juco and his family up in Sandhills with the loss of his mother in law. Remember Snuffy and his M as they may be travelling up for the memorial service.
  • Remember Toxic as he deals with some medical issues.
  • February 13th: Bridge Run in Brunswick. If you would like to go run this with us please Jumanji or I know. We will be Qing a workout before the race to help promote the F3 St. Simon’s launch.
  • March 5th: F3 St. Simon’s official Big Bang. Please get with YHC if you would like to clown car up with me for this. I could use all the help I can get.
  • March 12th: Gate River Run: Go sign up if you would like to run this with us. Not going for any PR’s just to run the race as a group and have a good time!
  • April 30th: F3 Mud Run mark your calendar’s. Sign up details to follow when they are released. Come be a part of the Super Bowl of F3!


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