Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?

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  • When: 1/16/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Jumanji, Eileen, Toxic, OTC, Farah & Farah, Heisenberg, Feud

Nine pax ventured forth into the foggy dew to see if their luck would hold when faced with YHC’s beatdown.  What we learned instead was that luck has nothing on intentionality and perseverance.


15 x BAC forward/backward IC

Tricep extension stretch

40 x Mountain Climbers IC

20 x Merkins IC

20 x Goofballs IC

20 x Monkey Squats/Groiners IC

Daft Punk (YHC was a bit rusty) IC

The Thang: In honor of the $1.4 billion Powerball jackpot being won, (almost) all of today’s exercises had to do with luck.

Get Lucky: With a portable speaker from Heisenberg, we held Al Gore throughout the seemingly 15-minute song remix and performed two Merkins on every “get lucky,” for a total of… a lot.

Winning Numbers: YHC’s own concoction.  The winning lottery numbers this week were 8-27-34-4-19, with a Powerball number of 10.  If it was a winning combo for folks in CA, TN, and FL, then it should be just fine for the Jax Pax.

8 x Diamond Merkins (IC)

27 x American Hammers (OYO)

34 x Monkey Humpers (IC at Big Bird’s suggestion, much to the dismay of the Pax since it effectively doubled the count; gotta love audience participation!)

4 x Broad Jump Burpees

19 x Mexican Squats (jump squats)

10 x Worst Merkin Ever

For an extra dollar, you can buy a Power Play option with your Powerball ticket that multiplies your payout if you win anything besides the jackpot.  This week’s Power Play was 2x, so we rinsed and repeated!

Black Jack: Cones set roughly 30 yds apart.  Start on baseline with 1 Merkin, run across, 20 LBCs, run back, 2 Merkins, 19 LBCs, etc. to 20 Merkins/1 LBC.  Total always adds to 21.  This was a definite crowd favorite.

6MoM: 40 x Flutter Kicks, 20 x Boxcutters, 20 x Hello Dollys, 20 x Iron Crosses w/ partner

As YHC was thinking about the role of luck in life, a recent blog post about lies men often buy hook, line and sinker came to mind.  The first lie was directed toward dads, but the same applies in whatever role a man finds himself in life – husband, friend, brother, employee – it’s just that as a dad the stakes are much higher.  YHC read the following excerpt to the Pax:

“Lie #1. You will naturally be an amazing or awful father.

It seems like around half the pre-fatherhood guys I talk to assume they will be amazing fathers, because duh.  Maybe they had an awesome dad and think it’s easy, or maybe they had a rough childhood and are determined to do better for their kids. Either way, they are convinced they will be great dads.
And then there’s the other half – the half who are convinced that they are not cut out for fatherhood. They look at the prospect of kids with a mixture of fear, insecurity, or downright despair.
Here’s the truth.  Regardless of your self-evaluation, your parental success will have little to do with your natural abilities.
Being a great father is 80% intentionality.  If you intentionally prepare yourself going into parenthood – and if you continue that intentionality throughout your kids’ lives – you WILL be an amazing dad.
It’s really that simple. Father’s who are intentional about fatherhood end up being amazing fathers.
Sure, there’s another 20% consisting of having the proper tools, outlooks, and strategies, but the best parenting strategies in the world won’t make up for the most important piece of the puzzle.
The father who takes being a father seriously – who prepares as best as he can – who stays present as often as he can – who loves as well as he can – that’s a great dad.
You’ll make mistakes. 100% of all dads, ever, have made mistakes. And that’s 100% okay.
But if you are intentional about being a great dad, you WILL be a great dad.”

Lucky Moleskin:

Continue praying for JuCo’s family with the loss of his mother-in-law, Toxic’s health, injury recovery for LIFO and Barker.

Snuffy is still a few dollars short on the new shovel flag, contribute if you can!

Today is #11 for F3Jax’s 2016 #F3twofiddy workouts

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