Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

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  • When: 02/11/16
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: LIFO, SOC, Heisenberg, Jumanji, Drone, OTC, BigBird, Feud

8 PAX showed up in the frigid Florida gloom for this morning’s beat down at #BOHICA. With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, YHC decided to tribute this morning’s beat down to the “women of F3”.


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Don Quixote x 16 IC
  • Toy Soldier x 15 IC
  • LAC Forward/backwards x20 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • LBCs x 20 IC
  • Wake up Abby x10 OYO

The Thang

Dora 1-2-3 – PAX partnered up for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Lady of F3…

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBC
  • 300 Squats


  • 30 Mountain Climbers, 10 Flutter Kicks
  • 25 Mountain Climbers, 15 Flutter Kicks
  • 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Flutter Kicks
  • 15 Mountain Climbers, 25 Flutter Kicks
  • 10 Mountain Climbers, 30 Flutter Kicks

Nicole- Sorry Nicole, we started to run short on time so we had to cut you down to a 10 minute AMRAP exercise of alternating between

  • One-lap run around park
  • Pull-ups to failure

Ring of Fire

  • Hello Dolly
  • Weezy Jefferson
  • Sweat Angel
  • Rosalita


  • Jumanji reminded us to continue to reach out and EH new men or those that came previously and quit coming
  • Continued prayers for Toxic’s wife going through treatment for cancer
  • Continued prayers for Barker and his recovery from Achilles tendon tear
  • Prayers for my mother-in-law for future heart surgery still TBD
  • Lent is not a season just to give up something we like, it is a time of self reflection and repentance- to change our ways to be better. During Lenten season, let us repent and change our lives for the betterment of those around us in our communities, our work, and/or home.

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