Heisenberg 500

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  • When: 02/20/16
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Snuffy, Jumanji, Big Bird, LIFO, Feud, Toxic, FNG Brad(Catapult)

Being a HIM requires tough choices.  Sometimes we have to go the opposite of what we feel to do what is right.

In honor of all things turning “left” this month just south of us in Daytona, I thought a few reps adding up to 500 hundred were in order.  Unfortunately, a few PAX were scarred of the reported “Heisenberg Legs” and had some EA’s. Two fingers at me, two fingers at you, Drone, Hollywood, Belute, FarahNFarah.

The Thang

Warm Up -All IC x20



Don Quixote


LBAC f/b

Moroccan Night Club

Mountain Climbers

Indian Run to Moo Moo park

So to set the scene, eight park benches held our workout future as each listed 2 exercises and the transition to the next bench. Partner up!

All exercises x30 OYO

Bench 1

Carolina Dry Docks

Hydraulic Squats

Backward run

Bench 2

Smurf Jacks

Monkey Humpers

Duck walk

Bench 3



Empty wheelbarrow

Bench 4

Jump Ups

Step Ups

Crab Walk

Bench 5

Bulgarian Split Squats

Mexican Jumping squats

One legged hops

Bench 6


Partner Jumps

Crawl Bear

Bench 7


Reverse Lunges

Bear Crawl

Bench 8

Scissor Lunges

Gorilla Humpers

Broken Wheelbarrow

Ok, bc we ONLY did 480 we needed 20 more reps.  So we honored the choo choo and added 10  Burpees for the 500. (Real crowd pleaser)

Mosey w, backwards, karaoke, regular back to the ANCHOR for a little Mary.


Tunnel of Love


Prayers and announcements.

3/5 Big Bang, 3/12 River Run, 4/29 Mud Run

Prayers for Toxic’s M(Ellie) radiation, Barker recovery

Welcome our FNG Brad Hovis F3_Catapult.  Navy, Civil Engineer, spring chicken(31)

I referenced our aim to have impact this year and how we can be a HIM.  To do this requires that we act contrary to what is the norm is in society.  Monty Williams encompassed this in light of his wife’s untimely death. Sometimes, we go through struggles to put on display our character.

It is a Priviledge,



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