Speed Dating from Hell

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  • When: 2/27/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Snuffy, Heisenberg, Balut, LIFO, Feud, Farah & Farah

With three UAs and a no show from Pothole, eight Jax Pax took to the field for some experimentation with new exercises, followed by a pseudo-field trip.


20 x Imperial Walkers

20 x Don Quixote

30 x Mountain Climbers

20 x Merkins

15 x BAC F/B

20 x Werkins

The Thang:

30 x Thigh Masters each leg – 90s aerobics videos knew how to bring the burn!

30 x Reverse crunches

Wave of Merkins (1-8)

10 x Pseudo Planche Merkins – experimented with a new variation from the Exicon; mumble chatter consensus was “this isn’t natural,” but it resulted in noticeable bicep burn so we may need to bring it back

Indian run around walking path – full round each bear crawl, lunge, then normal

Mosey to Whatley Park down the block

Speed Dating from Hell – Seven benches around the park perimeter had two exercises each posted on them.  1 min. at each station (confession: YHC extended the minutes slightly to include travel time) then rotate with no rest in between, 2 full laps for 14 min. total.  Exercises were:

1 – Burpee bench jump & Overhead squat w/ block

2 – SSH w/ coupons & bench jumps

3 – Star squats & Merkins

4 – Burpee bench jumps & flutter kicks

5 – Sprint to ditch and back & Burpees

6 – Big boy situps & Squats

7 – V-ups & Bulgarian split squat

Mosey back to flag for CoT.

Naked Moleskin:

We missed Jumanji (traveling to Isotope region), OTC (coworker’s retirement) and Toxic (sleeping off daughter’s wedding), so the Pax were a smaller and slightly quieter group than normal. We lifted up Pothole & family in prayer; he was in town and planning to post but had to visit his mom at Baptist.

Upcoming events:

3/5 – St. Simons big bang

3/12 – Gate River Run

4/30 – F3/USMC Mud Run

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