Those are Mighty Big Jugs

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  • When: 3/3/16
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Big Bird, OTC, Toxic (respect), Snuffy (respect), LIFO, Feud, Drone

8 PAX rallied in the gloom to find a pair of jugs that were larger than normal.

The Thang

YHC had to PAX line up and look right to determine the order. Each man would take his turn farmer carrying two 5 gallon jugs (each ~40 lbs) around the park with 4 sets of 5 deadlifts (with shrugs) along the way, while the rest of the PAX went about their business. After the first round each PAX carried the jugs half way around the circle to make sure no one was left out of the fun. Each man did two rounds. This lasted until the final duck crawl.

COP- all IC

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • Little baby arm circles forward x15; backwards x15
  • High knees x 20
  • Pickle Pounders x 20
  • Introduced the Touch ‘Em Heels (thanks Crimson in Isotope) x 20

YHC than introduced The JAX Isosceles of Despair. This is a modification of the Bermuda Triangle. Cones set in a triangle (as close to isosceles as possible with no protractor) PAX do 1 burpee and bearcrawl to 2nd cone, 2 burpees and bearcrawl to 3rd cone, etc. ascending to 10 burpees. Crowd pleaser.

Circle up for Merkin Time Bomb 10 down to 1

Stay in the circle for some core work

  • No recovery between: flutter kicks x 21 IC, hello dolly x 21 IC, and Rosalita x 21 IC
  • LBCs x 21 IC
  • Russian Twist x 21 IC
  • WW1 situps x 21 OYO
  • Low plank for 2 minutes; with Stirring the Pot clockwise and counter along the way: Stirring the Pot is using your obliques to make slow sensual circles with your torso- applications elsewhere in life

Head the benches

  • 20 Heisenberg step-ups
  • 15 derkins IC
  • 15 dips IC
  • 10 jump ups if going all the way to the tabletop; 15 if only going to the bench
  • 15 irkins IC

To the Lot for some Duck Crawls: duck walk from curb to curb with descending monkey humpers at each curb- 10 down to 5

COT/BOM: prayers for our brother Toxic and his wife Elly, prayers for a family friend of Feud’s; prayers and praises for Big Bird who is a HIM- he is working toward donating bone marrow to a lady he doesn’t know- just because that’s who he is: T-claps

St Simons Big Bang is this Sat. with BB, OTC, Jumanji, and the Snuffy making the trip to plant the flag

The Gate River Run is 3/12- several PAX are running with a possible workout pre-run. Snuffy will be homebase with the flags handing out F3 cards and EHs. ANCHOR will go down as usual- thanks LIFO for stepping up to take the Q

Marine Corp MudRun is 4/30. It is the F3 Super Bowl. Big Bird is our regional Q and will organize sign-ups.

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