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  • When: 03/08/16
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Jumanji, OTC, Big Bird, Heisenberg, LIFO, Feud, SOC, The Bus, Snuffy (respect), Drone

10 PAX found some weight plates that someone had conveniently left lying around when they arrived in the gloom at ANTHILL. YHC apologized to Heisenberg for the similarities from GENESIS, but did not apologize for what I’m sure are his swold shoulder muscles. Bus and SOC made it back to the gloom after a brief absence. Hollywood and Eileen are still unaccounted for.

The Thang

COP- all IC

  • 13 SSH
  • 13 Don Quixote
  • 13 high knees
  • 13 big arm circles backwards, 13 forwards
  • 10 tempo merkins
  • 10 Peter Parker
  • 10 Parker Peter
  • 15 touch um heels

Ascending suicides 5, 10, 15, 20 at the baseline: hand release merkins

Partner up for some plate work (25 or 35 pound plates)- only one partner with plate (unfortunately YHC does not have enough plates for all PAX to have their own, and YHC’s girlishly small Honda Fit was about squatted out with current # of plates)

  • Partner one step out and squat press plate, repeat until they reach the cone; partner 2 broad jump (no plate); at each cone do 20 burpees as a team (no plate), alternate exercises between each cone to the end of the suicide field
  • Return trip- partner step and squat press plate, other partner lunge (no burpees this time due to time constraints)

Ascending suicides 5, 10, 15, 20: jump squats

Partner Jack Webbs: alternating military press with plate with your partner, merkins and military press 1 to 10

Ascending suicides: 5, 10, 15, 20 v-ups

COP- one partner with the plate (each exercise done twice (unless noted), alternating who has the plate)

  • American hammer x 20 OYO x 2
  • Big Boy situps x 20 OYO x 1
  • Flutter press IC x 20 x 2
  • Front raise x 10 OYO hold for 3 count at the top (other partner does 10 burpees)

COT/BOM: prayers for Toxic’s M, Heisenberg’s M, and Snuffy’s M. YHC encouraged the PAX to ‘look different’ as they went about their day- let people know that they are different than average, that they are leaders, that they are HIM

Gate River Run- for those running meet at Veterans Memorial Park (west of Everbank stadium, between Everbank and baseball ground) at 0630 Saturday for some light exercises and stretching with your F3 brothers- look for Snuffy and the flag. Parking and traffic is a nightmare- you may want to consider arriving earlier to park.

ANCHOR- still the same great time (0700) at the same great place (Alexandria Oaks): thanks LIFO for stepping up to Q



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