The Monday Mosey Goes Exponential

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  • When: 4/4/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Disco, SeatDown

It was a historic* day for the downtown run group.  As promised, four pax converged on the empty Friendship Fountain, doubling the usual attendance and putting the Monday mosey on par with our cross-town brothers at #Genesis.

Warmup: Started with a quick lap around the fountain with a traveling disclaimer (a new concept, as YHC has to date assumed Big Bird was aware of my non-professional status and would refrain from legal action if he were to somehow fall off the Main St. bridge into the river), butt kickers, high knees, and karaokes.

The Thang: Given the potential for varying speed and endurance levels with four pax, which actually ended up being quite well matched, YHC thought the gloriously cool and un-humid gloom would be perfect for some parking deck speed work, starting with our old friend #TheStein.

  • Mosey to the front corner of the Stein
  • Run the stairs (4 levels) w/ 20 Merkins at the top, 20 Starjacks at the bottom
  • Rinse and repeat, but run the ramps
  • Repeat-o-rama on the stairs
  • Mosey across the Main St. bridge into downtown, stop at the Lanier parking garage at Bay & Main

This 9-level monstrosity is not a new obstacle to YHC and Big Bird, who have run it several times, but it deserves its own moniker.  From this day forward, owing to its proximity to the Wells Fargo tower, it shall be forever known as #StageCoach, otherwise known as the Stein’s big brother.

  • Run the stairs w/ 20 LBCs at the top, 20 Monkey Humpers at the bottom
  • Repeato on the ramps
  • Plank for the six, mosey back across the river to FF

Total distance: Garmin said a little north of 2.5 miles, but GPS and parking garages are not friends, so that number is about as reliable as a cheesecloth condom.

Ye Olde Moleskin

  • SeatDown noted that if we keep up this growth rate, we’ll have the entire city of Jacksonville running with us in six months. #Goals
  • Disco’s intimate knowledge of old video games provided a steady source of amusement, including quotes from Mario and references to Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
  • BB pledged never to become a smoker after some lingering respiratory crud gave him a taste of running with emphysema.
  • Now that the Monday group has (hopefully permanently) graduated to more than an average of two Pax, it’s time to come up with an AO name!  Suggestions are welcome.
  • LIFO is your Q for #Anthill tomorrow, and BB has the Q next Monday
  • YHC will open the Q schedule for May later today; first come first serve, but please limit yourself to 1-2 Q’s (I guess that’s a good problem to have) until everyone has a chance to sign up.


  • Feud’s family
  • Eileen – balancing work and family life with continuing to launch his business
  • Desire to interact more outside of workouts and invest more deeply into each other’s lives

*Note: I know some grammar Nazi out there will say, “Isn’t it supposed to be ‘an historic?’  If you speak with a Cockney accent and want to say it “an ‘istoric,” be my guest, but this is ‘Merica, and here we say it “A Historic.”

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