Slow Down for Cupcakes

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  • When: 4/12/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: LIFO, Farah & Farah (respect), SeatDown, Eileen, Feud, Toxic (respect), Heisenberg, Big Bird, OTC, Snuffy (respect)

11 pax congregated at the #Anthill to help YHC celebrate his birthday with some proper King.  And since a birthday party isn’t complete without cupcakes, the Jax Pax brought their jugs as substitutes.

After the disclaimer, YHC introduced the beatdown du jour by commenting on the way age tends to slow you down if you let it.  The irony of a Hate Hate opining about age was not lost on the Respect club (Snuffy, Toxic, and #WarDaddy F&F), who responded with an appropriate amount of sarcastic mumble chatter.  With that, the slow motion downpainment began:


  • 15 x Slow Squats w/ cupcakes (deep Disco style, elbows to knees)
  • 20 x Tempo Merkins
  • 26 x Don Quixote w/ cupcakes
  • 26 x Michael Phelps

Mosey to the sideline for…

The Thang

Cupcake March of Death

  • Merkin Lunges across field w/ cupcakes (left leg lunge, right leg lunge, set down jugs for Merkin, repeat to far sidewalk), plank at end for the 6
  • 26 x Copperhead (Tempo) Squats w/ cupcakes at sides
  • Merkin Lunges back w/ cupcakes held to chest, legs 6″ at sideline for the 6
  • 26 x Rosalita
  • Merkin Lunges across field, cupcakes held out to the sides
  • 20 x Cupcake tricep extensions (slow)
  • 10 Burpee penalty (OYO) for pax recovering before the Q’s signal
  • Merkin Lunges back, cupcakes held out in front
  • 10 x One legged burpees OYO

Birthday Arms

  • Duck walk single file to the playground, plank for the 6
  • Set 1: 10 Deadhang Pullups + 20 Swerkins or 30 Mountain Climbers (change order based on available implements)
  • Set 2: 8 Deadhang Pullups + 20 Swerkins/30 MC
  • Set 3: 6 Deadhang Pullups + 20 Swerkins/30 MC
  • Plank for the 6

Mosey back to field for La La Leggy (shortened for time):

  • 20 x Lunges w/ cupcakes (IC)
  • 10 x Squats w/ cupcakes held in front (IC)
  • 20 x Calf raises w/ overhead cupcakes (IC)

Mosey back to the flag

Since the BoM ghost mic was available, YHC addressed the pax briefly about an aspect of becoming a #HIM: loving well.  Despite our tendency as men to want to address our relationships as a project or to find a problem to fix, I’m slowly learning that true love is not efficient and it’s not task-oriented.  I’m reading a book by Paul Miller called Love Walked Among Us, and he makes the point that the way Jesus loved people involved stopping what he was doing, truly seeing the person, feeling their pain, and caring for both their tangible need and their heart.  He could have just performed a miracle and went on his way, but he always took the time to care for the person behind the problem.  May we love our wives and the other people in our lives this way rather than just treating them as projects to be fixed.

Sweaty Pinata

  • Judging by the amount of mumble chatter, the repeated Merkin Lunges were a real #crowdpleaser.  YHC received plenty of feigned hatred (those are the moments that make Qing so worthwhile), to which YHC’s response was, “In the immortal words of OTC, ‘If you don’t like it, then you freaking Q!'”
  • LIFO has the Q for BOHICA on Thursday
  • 18 days to the Mud Run!  Pressure is on!
  • 1-year anniversary of F3 Jax to be celebrated Sat. 4/23 – need to brainstorm ideas via Twitter and GroupMe.  Late morning F3Dads workout?  Cookout?  Sat. night dinner together?

As always, it was a pleasure leading such a fine group of men.  Everyone worked hard, and I appreciate the opportunity to Q!

Drone out.

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