Who says we have to move

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  • When: 04/21/2016
  • The PAX: Feud, Drone, Disco, Snuffy (Respect), Blade of Glory (Respect), Jumanji, Heisenburg, BigBird, OTC, Toxic (Respect), Seat Down, Eileen, LIFO.

Today it is my son’s 15th birthday…if possible he could stay in one location and limit movement.

Warmup / The Thang/ Cool down kind of blended together:

Circled up and stayed..except for incline/declines

  • Captain Thor
  • Don Quixote 15 IC
  • Worst Merkin ever 15 OYO
  • LBC 101 IC (lots of mumblechatter here)
  • Mucho Chesto 15 IC
  • Flutter kicks 15 IC
  • Hello dollies 15 IC
  • Incline merkins 15 IC
  • Decline merkins 15 IC
  • Modified Jack Webb 1 merkin:4 air presses up to 10:40 ala Captain Thor, new name for this is Iron Hulk.
  • Captain Thor

Naked Moleskin:

YHC talked about our 1 year, and how we have gotten better over the course of a year. All that we have accomplished individually or as a group. Some are heading into their 2nd Mud Run. We will have our 1 year anniversary post at ANCHOR on Saturday headed up by our very own Toxic (Respect!)



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