Competition in the Gloom

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  • When: 05/10/16
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Snuffy (respect), Farah and Farah (respect), Drone, Jumanji, OTC, Heisenberg, SOC, LIFO, Feud, BigBird

It was time for YHC to Q again and honestly I was out of ideas. I turned to the internet and came up with so fresh ideas to get the PAX motivated and also stoke the competitive side within all of us. 10 men posted in the gloom and were surprised when I told them we were forgoing the normal COP to jump right into things:

Relay of Death:

PAX pair up to do three races (one targeting the arms, legs, and core individually). Loser does 20 burpees. In the spirit of brotherhood I’m pretty sure each team of men split their burpees between them instead of making the loser do all 20.

First race sprint between cones: Cone 1 10 Werkins, Cone 2 10 Hand Release Merkins, Cone Three 10 Diamond Merkins, Cone 4 10 Stagger Merkins on each arm.

Second Race Bear Crawl between cones: Cone 1 10 Squats, Cone 2 10 Monkey Humpers, Cone 3 10 Gorilla Humpers, Cone 4 10 Jump Lunges.

Third Race Crab Walk between cones: Cone 1 LBC’s, Cone 2 Freddy Mercury’s, Cone 3 V Ups, Cone 4 Box Cutters.

While the teams were racing the rest of the PAX did various exercises IE: SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixote’s, ect.

Hungry, Hungry, (Seals?)

The next ridiculous idea I found on the internet was a real life version of Hungry, Hungry, HIppos. To YHC’s surprise not all of the PAX new what that game was. For an explanation go here:

For our version we had a box in the middle filled with paper balls and four boxes (one on each side of the middle box) 20 yards out. We split into teams. One team member went from their box to the middle box to grab a paper ball while the other team member(s) did an exercise. Whoever had the most paper balls at the end won and got to pick an exercise for the group to do.

On the first game we sprinted to the middle box while the other team member(s) did Merkins. On the second game we seal crawled to the middle box while the other team member(s) did Monkey Humpers. A seal crawl is like a bear crawl but dragging your legs! It was definitely a crowd pleaser!



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