Keep Chasing that Elusive Bear

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  • When: 5/17/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Big Bird, Snuffy (respect), Uffda, OTC, Jumanji, Farah & Farah (respect), Feud, LIFO

The Jax Pax have been well aware of the increasing gloomidity for the last several weeks, but you know summer has arrived when going outside at dark-thirty feels like getting slapped in the face with a wet fish.  But despite the air being thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, 10 pax posted for a fun and games edition of Anthill.


10 x Burpees (OYO) to salute the train

15 x Toy Soldier (IC)

15 x Merkins (IC)

15 x LBAC forward & backward (IC)

15 x Raise the Roof (IC)

The Thang:

Partner up for…

30 x Squerkins (OYO)

30 x Iron Crosses

Mosey to the pavilion

11s – burpees (starting @ 1) and table jumps (starting @ 10) (total of 55 reps each)

20 x Merkins as a late welcome gift from Uffda, who was delayed 12 minutes by the stopped train we honored at the kickoff.  Semi-valued excuse, but the penalty still applies.

Chase the Bear – YHC brought back a game Big Bird introduced us to months ago.  After a warmup lap around the field, the 6 becomes the first bear.  At the start, the bear runs away while the pax perform 20 Merkins.  When they finish, they can chase after the bear.  First to catch the bear becomes the next bear, plank in place until the 6 arrives.  Each pax may only be the bear once; if he catches the bear multiple times, he can nominate the next bear.  Repeato until each person has been the bear once.  10 pax = 200 total Merkins

Bonus #1: Round 1 bear LIFO upped the ante by requiring 10 pullups from his hunters

Bonus #2: 20 Burpee penalty on round 9 for multiple pax observed WALKING after the bear!

Mosey to flag for BoM

Naked Moleskin:

  • All the pax noticed a major difference in breathing difficulty compared to Genesis and Kessel Run the previous day due to the jump in humidity.  Way to fight through the suck!
  • OTC debuted his camo weight vest and joined Jumanji as Tributes for the day.  Sadly, the camouflage didn’t blend quite well enough into the bushes to hide him as the bear.
  • Uffda won the Chameleon Award for his final round performance, which stumped the pax until time ran out.  He then seamlessly segued into a solid BoM life lesson about being aware of the things and people around you and related it transparently to a personal failure at work.  Thanks for contributing, Uffta!
  • Thoughts and prayers:
    • LIFO’s mother-in-law – physical recovery and the will to fight for it
    • Feud – family of doctor who passed away suddenly

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