10 – 4 Good Buddy

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  • When: 05/21/2016
  • QIC: Snuffy
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, OTC (Tribute), Jumanji (Tribute), Seat Down, ILean, Fued, Biiiiing, Hollywood, Lifo, Disco (welcome back), Pyro, Be lute, FNG Tim is now Munchkin, Snuffy.

Being one of the older PAX in the group it was time to show that age can be deceiving. Being a core person and not a runner like some YHC decided that the PAX would stay close on this nice Saturday morning in full Florida Gloomidity. Having worked in the trucking industry for 40 years YHC did a take on 10-4 good buddy and basing the core beat down on the 1 to 4 ratio. This brought a lot of mumble chatter and YHC smiled. 14 PAX posted hoping that this Q would be as easy as YHC’s VQ. The tribute PAX (OTC and Jumanji were warned to leave there tributes to no avail. 

The Thang


Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Pencil Squat x20 IC

LBACF x15 IC no recovery

Chinook x15 IC no recovery

LBACB x15 IC no recovery

Raise the Roof x15 IC recover

Goof Ball x15 IC

Guantanamo – so I lied just a little run around the circle

Stump Hugger x15 IC

10-4 – COP

Squat / Curls for the Girls, W coupons 1 to 4 = 10/40 mumble chatter

Captain Thor W coupon 1 to 4 – 10/40 more mumble chatter

Seal Jack / Air Press no coupons 1 to 4 = 10/40 less mumble chatter

Partner up

Mercon / Sit up, one PAX on his 6 the other PAX holds his feet in the plank position; Planking PAX does 1 Mercon, PAX on his 6 does 4 sit ups. 5 reps and switch positions for 5 reps for a total of 10/40. This brought Extreme Mumble chatter which made YHC smile again.

Dealers Choice:

Dive Bomber x10

Hand Release Mercon x10

Prisoner Squat x10

Lifo’s strange arm lift creation – no name yet

Gorilla Humpers x10

V ups x10

COT/BOM. YHC communicated his thankfulness of being part of F3 and for the PAX that surround him, their faithfulness to not leave anyone behind, to push, encourage and to be there for each other, holding each other accountable but at the same time never looking down on one another. For encouraging each other to be better Men, Husbands, Fathers, Leaders in our communities, Church’s, and the fact that we should strive to live 3rd. Fued challenged the PAX to write a Love letter to our wife’s, significate others and to our children, these should be individual letters hand written, place them somewhere will they will find them at a later date. Don’t be negative in the letter, tell them how much you love them and are thankful for them. ILean ask for prayer for his son.

Memorial Day Murph meet at 6:30 Alexandria Oak Park Monday (No other workout held)

5:30 5K run Saturday 6/4 at 0530 downtown contact Jumanji for details


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