Don’t Make Me Turn This Pax Around!

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  • When: 5/26/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Snuffy (respect), Big Bird, Bing, Pyro, Sweater Vest (welcome!), Hollywood (tribute), Feud, Barker, LIFO, Farah & Farah, Toxic, OTC (tribute), Jumanji

A strong showing of 14 recovering SadClowns rolled out of the fartsack this morning for an offsite roadtrip beatdown by YHC, who took on the persona of Papa Drone for the day.  The in-character disclaimer: “Let’s get some things straight up front.  I’m not a professional.  We’re going on a roadtrip.  It will be hard.  You will need a travel buddy.  No, we won’t stop for a bathroom break.  We’ll get there when we get there!  And if someone asks for an unnecessary demo, so help me, I will turn this pax around and we will do burpees for the rest of the allotted time!  Understood?”


20 x Smurf Jacks (IC)

20 x Mountain Climbers

Drill Instructor – “On your face/feet/6”, “up/down” for Merkins, in rapid succession on Q’s call (submitted to F3 Exicon for official approval)

The Thang:

Partner up and mosey to the front corner of the library at Hendricks and LaSalle.  Pattern is moving exercise down LaSalle for one full block, followed by stationary exercise at each cross street.

Block 1: Lunges + 15 burpees (keep going until the 6 completes 15)

Block 2: Plank Hurdles + 10 Pistol Squats (plank for 6)

Block 3: Leapfrog w/ travel buddy + 15 Diamond Merkins

Block 4: Bear Crawls + Thigh Masters (sets of 5 each leg until 6 arrives)

Block 5: Wheelbarrows w/ travel buddy (switch halfway) + 10 Groiners

Stopped just short of San Marco Blvd. for the sake of time and turned around

Block 6: Broad jumps (2 paces between jumps) + 10 Pulsing sumo squats (IC)

Block 7: Buddy carry (piggyback or fireman) + Partner People’s Chair

Blocks 8-10: Indian run + 20 calf raises (IC) in AO parking lot

A few modifications had to be made for the sake of time and pax limitations, but overall it was a challenging and successful roadtrip, plus a new high of three pax (OTC, Hollywood, YHC) wore 20 lb. tribute vests.  Good work today gentlemen, and thank you for allowing me to lead you!

Announcements: Big Bird called a quick meeting of the Orlando launch team to discuss a revised tentative launch date of September 24th.

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