The Beast Strikes Back

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  • When: 05/28/2016
  • QIC: BigBird
  • The PAX: Toxic (respect), Farah and Farah (respect), Snuffy (respect), Jumanji, OTC, Pyro, LIFO, Feud, Cousin Eddie, Heisenberg, SOC, BigBird

12 Pax posted in the gloom for a beat down curtesy of YHC. For my return to Q Anchor I decided it was time for the Jax Pax to once again conquer the Beast. YHC decided that as the Jax Pax we were not going to do any normal Beast with Burpees being the pinnacle of the exercises being done. No the Jax Pax was going to conquer an even more intimidating beast.

4 cones, 100 yards apart, 6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 times. Here were the exercises:

  1. Worst Merkins Ever
  2. Dr. W
  3. Jump Squats
  4. Burp and Merk
  5. Captain Thor
  6. Lt. Dan

The original idea was to do the full Capt. Thor and Lt. Dan from 1:4 all the way to 6:24. After the 1st cone I called an audible to just do 6:24 for the remaining cones. We did the same with the Lt. Dan.

After conquering the beast we still had some time left. YHC encouraged the Pax to keep climbing the mountain and push themselves though the remainder of the workout. We then teamed up and finished with a Dora 1,2,3.


This workout was even harder to do than YHC thought it would be (and I knew it was going to be pretty hard). I was thoroughly impressed by every member of the Pax for pushing themselves right up to 8 o’clock. No one gave up or complained (except about the length of my shorts).


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