Bohica – More Core

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  • When: 06/02/16
  • QIC: Snuffy
  • The PAX: Lego Land, Lifo, Drone, Feud, Heisenberg (Tribute), Biiiiing, Big Bird, OTC, Snuffy

We started the morning in 110% Gloomidity of North Florida and still recovering from the Murph and chewing on the hair of the dog from Anthill on Tuesday. Between work and life YHC did not have time to prepare his workout, He did how ever have an exercise he wanted to try and had that in his pocket so to speak.

Warm Up:

SSH I/C x20

Merkin x20 OYO



10 Merkins for late arrival Biiiiing

Honor the train 10 Burpee’s

The Thang:

Squat/Curl I/C x20 W/C This is done in the Air Chair position feet set like in the Gorilla Humper position with your elbows set inside your thigh at your knee and do some curls for them girls. Some mumble chatter was heard.

Flutter Kicks I/C x20

Stop Sign I/C x20 W/C Right arm raise to the side, lower right arm raise forward, left arm raise forward, left arm arm to side thats 1.

Hawkeye 1/4 x10 = 10/40 W/C  Bent over forward arm raise straight out then down, 4 arm pulls up until you get to 10 and 40.

Freddy Mercury I/C x20

Captain Thor 1/4 W/C to 10/40

LBC I/C x20

Box Cutter I/C x20

Dealers Choice:

Lifo 10 Burpee’s

OTC Dive Bombers I/C 5

Lego Land Hello Dolly I/C x20

Big Bird Mosey around the park. Gotta love those runners.

Bing Genuine I/C x20

Hopefully i didn’t miss any.


Prayer for OTC in his quest to rejoin the Armed Forces. Big Bird on his job interview. Jamunji and the adoption. Lego Land and his family traveling to JAX.

6/4 5:30am run downtown double down at Anchor at 7:00am


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