F3’s Greatest Hits Played on Random

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  • When: 6/23/2016
  • QIC: SeatDown
  • The PAX: Wrongway, Biiing, LIFO, Barker, Jumanji, Heisenberg, Feud, OTC, SOC, Pyro, Zamboni (returning FNG), LegoLand

13 PAX answered the call to BOHICA and enjoyed F3’s greatest hits in random fashion.  All pushed through the constant smell of possibly human poo and beat the Q set clock.  (note: it was later found that Zamboni was the unlucky PAX to drag the poo around for 45 min). YHC took some recent, unexpected and un-fun events and channeled that into a fast paced and competitive beatdown.

Set Up

  • 4 buckets or boards set up in two locations (Basketball Court and Pavilion) with slips
    • Flashlights if needed
    • Warm Up – 5 min
    • Welcome
  • First Exercise is “Little Arm Circles forward” (20)
  • Next Exercise is “Little Arm Circles backward” (20)
  • Don Quixotes – 20
  • Run in place OYO
    • Q explains workout
    • Two Teams
    • Two locations with slips of papers with various workouts on them
    • Run back and forth until all slips are gone
    • First to finish gets worse of two final workouts
      • And planks until other team finishes
      • No team finishes in 30 min – Q picks exercise for all
  • Split PAX into two teams
  • Set Timer for 30 min
  • Break Up and Go!
    • Finish
  • Three 10 counts
  • End with Suicides
    • Wheelbarrows for losers
    • Frog Jumps for winners

Wrap Up

  • Random workouts aren’t common or even ideal but hopefully this was…
    • Fun
    • Challenging mentally as well as physically
    • Represents what I’ve recently learned personally
  • Life is often unexpected and we need to be able to adjust
    • And having a team around you sure helps
  • Prayer Requests: Job Opportunity for LEGOLAND’s M, SeatDown’s M’s surgery, Safe Travel for Toxic, BigBird, Drone, and Snuffy
  • Improvements: 1)Splitting the PAX teams up between the two stations at the beginning to reduce bottlenecking.  2)Find a higher bar for Mexican Jumping Pull Ups to accommodate Jumanji’s sick vertical

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