Block Work

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  • QIC: Snuffy
  • The PAX: Pyro, Piano Man, Pusher, Heisenberg, Jumanji, Farah and Farah (Respect), Biiiiing, Disco, Big Bird, Fued, Bouche', Eileen, Toxic (Respect), Snuffy (Respect).

6 PAX arrived at 6am for a double down dolly. Jumanji, Heisenberg, Big Bird, Pyro, Biiiing and Disco for a 4.5 mile run, with Disco sporting his extreme shorts. OTC and Snuffy began the day with a 2.0 mile walk.

14 PAX for the Block work as promised. Big Bird and YHC had the opportunity to post at 3 of the Lexington A/O’s last week #SnakePit, #The Reaper, #ShawShank and at “The Mission” (Oliver Gospel Mission) on Saturday. YHC picked up some fine exercises while posting there and brought some new ideas back for the Jacksonville PAX.

Warm Up:

15 Merkins IC

15 Sqauts IC


15 Big Boy Sit Ups OYO



20 Raise the roof

20 Chinooks


The Thang:

Four workout cones set up in a semi rectangle, non-proportionate as YHC is not proportionate. YHC split the PAX into 4 groups and stationed them at a cone. Each cone had a set of exercises to do, as you finish the exercise plank or air chair until the group 6 is done, once the 6 is ready run a lap around all of the cones and stop at the next cone for more beat down.

Cone 1:

20 Squats with a cinder block

Air chair with the block for a 20 count

10 Pencil squats with the block

Run your lap

Cone 2:

20 LBC

20 Big B sit ups

20 Pickle Pounders (a Jumanji favorite)

Run your lap

Cone 3:

20 Block Merkins

20 Overhead block press

20 Block curl

Run your lap

Cone 4:

20 SSH

20 Calf raises

20 High knees

Run you lap

Guess what we are not done, switch up groups and repeat running in reverse order. This brought a good amount of mumble chatter.

Circle up for a Guantanamo style block pass, every other PAX had a block with one block marked as the start block, two trips around the circle and not to over work one side switched rotation of the block. Now as you know that age and wisdom will overcome youth and speed, Farah and Farah (Respect) switched out the marked block and we got in about 4 rounds before the younger group figured it out. Shout out to Farah!



Prayers for Papa Smurf, Nanton, Greenville NC

Prayers for Jumanji and his M on the adoption process

Labor day family get together – Biiiiing

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