Balls Part Deux

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  • When: 07/11/16
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Jumanji and Pyro

3 PAX wanted to endure some muggy conditions to get better.  Pyro made his debut on this glorious Monday.

Conditions: 85 degrees at 5:30am

The Thang

Ball theme continued and left the PAX wondering how much innuendo can they endure at this hour?

Warm Up all IC x15

Seal Jacks


Big Arm Circles F/B

Mtn Climbers

Mosey to the Concession stand

10 Donkey Kicks

Wall Balls Walker (new) 45 degree angle w/ feet on the wall, walk down the length of the wall on your hands.

10 more Donkeys

Mosey to front of park.

20 Preztel Crunches per side

Mosey to playground

6 pack pull ups/Groiners

Captian Thor starting at 5/20

6 pack rinse and repeat

Mosey back to park, stopping at the first Pavillion

5 full jump ups, top of the table, rinse and repeat

Mosey to BB court

Set up on the baseline, 1 PAX dribbles the full court and makes a layup while trying to get back before the rest finish 15 Merkins. If successful, no penalty. If not additional 10 Merkins.

Round 1- 30 penalty Merkins

Round 2 Free throw, (changed to under 20 w/ no penalty) 30 Merkins

Round 3 No dribble, just shoot. 30 penalty Merkins were performed.

(discovered that total arm quiver is not conducive to accuracy.)

Bottom line, we stunk up the court, in more ways than one!


Pyro’s son was in an accident, prayers for the truth to be evident

Jumanji’s job as well as his co worker

Felt like we were going to melt at one point, but we persevered. Jumanji and his backside thanked YHC for the location choice of the Captain Thor. It got a little awkward when I mentioned that I thought of his anatomy when choosing the AO. Soft, artificial turf is a blessing from God!

Always a privilege to lead, and am inspired by your effort.


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