2.0 Day in the Park

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  • When: 07/23/16
  • QIC: LIFO, Ivory (2.0)
  • The PAX: Obliterator (2.0), Hollywood, Batman (2.0), Sticky Rice, Snake Eyes (2.0), Drone, Gbajabiamila (2.0), Feud, BigBird, Cousin Eddie, OTC, Jumanji, PianoMan, Zapper (2.0), Zephyr (2.0), Stuntman (2.0), Fixit, Highbar (2.0), Wolfpack, Pyro, Goodhands - Respect, Gamer, Nike, Eazee, Flash (2.0), Master Hulk (2.0), Seat Down, LIFO, Ivory (2.0)

It was a beautiful, hot, humid, muggy day in Alexandria Oaks park.  So how can we enjoy it? By having a 2.0 Day.  Some familiar 2.0 faces were in attendance, plus a few more new ones joined.

The 2.0 portion of the workout was split between 4 Q’s. LIFO started, then onto Feud, Seat Down and Drone.

Those without 2.0 were taken aside by BigBird after LIFO’s turn – I’m sure for some torturous fun.

*I am sure I am forgetting an exercise or 2.


  • Merkins  or Merkins with 2.0 on back 10 IC
  • Prisoner squat or Piggy back squat 10 IC
  • WW1 situps or WW1 situps w/ high 5’s. 20 OYO
  • Don Quixote 10 IC
  • Toy Soldier 10 IC
  • Low plank or Plank while 2.0’s go over under – rough 1 minute.
  • SSH 15 IC

Feud – 4 corners

  • Lunge to corner – merkins w/ 2.0 on back.
  • Fireman carry – wide merkins 2.0 on back
  • Lunge?
  • Bear crawl w/ 2.0 on back.
  • something else?

Seat Down

  • PAX 20 merkins IC while 2.0 SSH then 2.0’s tunnel of love
  • PAX 20 flutter kicks IC while 2.0 SSH, then 2.0’s go under the legs.
  • PAX 10 merkins IC, while 2.0 squats, then 2.0’s go over the back.
  • PAX 10 flutters kicks IC while 2.0 squats, then 2.0’s go under the legs.


  • Guantanamo – while the 2.0’s run around the circle 3 times .
  • Freeze tag – Game1 PAX vs 2.0. when 2.0’s where it, the PAX had to do 3 merkins to unfreeze each other as opposed to tap. 2.0’s won. Penalty for PAX 10 burpees.
  • Freeze tag  Game 2.0 vs PAX, they had to just tap. 2.0’s won. Penalty for PAX 10 burpees.

Naked Moleskin

A great time was had by all. Much water and Gatorade was consumed. The 2.0’s got to have another sneakpeak on what goes on, and why we come home dripped with sweat.

Feud took us out with a great prayer.




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