Filthy Fiddy and The He-Man Woman-Haters Club

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  • When: 7/26/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Disco, Big Bird, Snuffy (respect), Jumanji, Biiiiing, Sticky Rice, Eileen, SeatDown, Barker, Daniel-San (FNG), LegoLand, LIFO, Heisenberg, PYRO

Turnout has been strong the last month or so for the Jax Pax (with the exception of Heisenberg’s solo performance at Genesis yesterday), as 14 of the usual suspects and one FNG rolled out of the fartsack for #Anthill, following a record attendance of 30 for 2.0 Day on Saturday.

Weather conditions: Hot Fart


Now before you object to the title, YHC wishes to assure you that the Jax Pax, most of whom are happily married, have nothing against most women, but after today’s beatdown we’ve taken a disliking to one in particular.  But I digress…

Disclaimer (shocked gasps from the pax on learning that YHC isn’t a professional)


Drill Instructor – always fun playing DI and testing the pax’s reaction times

Double Applesauce – formation and pace consistency lacking, quite possibly due to lack of proper instruction from the Q

The Thang: 

Part 1: Nicole – Borrowed from Crossfit, this WoD was a real crowdpleaser and generated considerable mumblechatter against its creator/namesake.  15 min. AMRAP of 400m run around the field + max pull-ups.  Simple but deadly.

Part Deuce: Filthy 50 – Also a Crossfit appropriation, the (modified) Filthy 50 consisted of 50 reps each of the following:

  1. Table Jumps
  2. Jumping Pull-ups
  3. “Kettle Bell” Swings (choose between 28-lb. block, two 20-lb. dumbbells, or 45-lb. plate)
  4. Walking Lunges
  5. Knees to Elbows (on monkey bars)
  6. Overhead press (same coupon choices)
  7. Back extensions (Superman/hollow hold)
  8. Burpees

Pax counted off and started roughly two per station, and rotated through when finished with each set.  We ran short on time, so don’t be surprised if this little beauty reappears as its own full snotwoggler.

Dripping Moleskin:

  • YHC had his work cut out for him in planning the Q after a comment from Pyro that he was considering restarting a fern gym membership to add more weights to his weekly regimen, plus requests for a “challenge” from Big Bird.  Hopefully today’s workout met both requirements.
  • YHC overheard his name muttered quietly under the breath of several pax (“#*%$& Drone mumble mumble”) during the Filthy Fiddy, which he’ll take as a compliment.
  • Jumanji whipped out some good-natured but unexpected saltiness during instructions for Nicole and was soundly scolded by the pax.  “Geez, I drop one ___ in a year and a half and suddenly I’m the salty one?!”
  • YHC stumbled through the BoM and Name-o-Rama like it was his VQ.  Must be either sympathy pregnancy dizziness or discombobulation from one too many burpees.
  • Welcome FNG Daniel-San!
  • Disco failed to disclose that this would be his last F3 workout until he returns from deployment in November so that the pax could send him off properly.  We’ll make up for it with extra love and smack talk when he gets back.


  • 7/26 – GrowRuck conference call with OBT, contact Big Bird for notes if you can’t make it
  • 8/13 – 2nd F pool party hosted by SeatDown & Co.
  • 9/3 (Labor Day Sat.) – 2nd F pool party hosted by Biiiiing & Co. (for the record, Bing scheduled his first, but who says we can’t have two parties in a month?)
  • 3rd F serving breakfast at Trinity Rescue on hold until kitchen director returns, pray for his health in the meantime
  • Sign up for GrowRuck 001! Nov. 19-20, preblast here:


  • Drone’s M – 8 weeks pregnant and experiencing first trimester symptoms (low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea) that make it difficult to do daily life things
  • Toxic and M
  • Disco – shipping out to Japan Thursday for 3-month Navy deployment

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