Time to Ruck

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  • When: 08/01/2016
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Toxic (2x Respect), Heisenberg, Bing, Balut, Hollywood

The JAX PAX are jumping on-board for GrowRuck 001 and it’s time to start training. Toxic came back from vacation to a group of men wearing backpacks in the dark- confusion ensued, along with claims that YHC is trying to kill off the elderly gentlemen of our beloved group. Untrue. YHC had just decided it was time to ease into some Ruck training. 3 men came with Rucks loaded with appropriate weight (defined here as 20-30 lbs), while 3 others improvised by carrying coupons of appropriate weight. Per usual YHC made it up as he went along.

Weather- sweaty sack

Everything with Ruck or weights unless noted otherwise


  • 30 prisoner squats IC
  • 20 imperial walkers IC
  • 15 merkins IC
  • 10 mountain climbers IC
  • 25 prisoner squats IC

To the baseline of BBall court-

  • Two step lunge and then a squat press (with ruck or weight) down the length of court and back
  • Zamperini down and back

Ruck Webb- 1 to 10 merkins and overhead press with ruck/weight

Mosey to picnic area-

  • 15 Heisenberg step-ups each leg
  • 15 irkins IC
  • 20 dips OYO
  • 15 monkey humpers IC
  • 1 minute of plank
  • Rinse and repeat the cycle


  • Flutter kicks with ruck/weight held up x 30 IC
  • Ruck press x 20 IC
  • LBCs x 30 IC (no weight)
  • Pretzel crunch x 20 IC (each side)
  • Flutter kicks with ruck/weight held up x 20 IC (last 10 done with weight in skull crusher position)


  • Lunge length of court and back
  • Mosey length of court and back x2


Prayers for Bing and Heisenberg’s 2.0s dealing with some health challenges; our brother Farah for being old, and his wife with a broken ankle.

You want in with the whole GrowRuck thing? I would suggest you skip it, it’s going to be hard. It’s probably better for you to stay tucked in the fart sack with your M.

F3 Nation GrowRuck 01 Jacksonville FL Preblast

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