Coupons in the gloom

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  • When: 08/02/16
  • The PAX: OTC, Eileen, Toxic (respect), Drone, Jumanji, BigBird, Heisenberg, Daniel-san, Feud, Snuffy (respect), SeatDown, Bing, SOC, LEGOLAND (interesting..I type his name and it's all caps!),LIFO.

The humidity was waiting for 15 PAX at ANTHILL like a dear friend.  Everyone either had coupons, ruck sacks(GrowRuck, yeah!!), or both.  YHC indicated it would be tough.  SeatDown said if I recall, last time you Q’ed it was Arms, Arms, Arms, Core, Arms, Arms…let’s see.



  • Don Quixote – 13 IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 IC
  • Mahktar Merkins – 10 IC (5 count).  This is Mahktar N’Daiye combined with merkins.

The Thang:

  • PAX split into 2 groups for efficiency. Group1 started at benches, did 10 dips with coupons. Group 2 went to pullup bars to do 10 flying flutter kicks (while in pullup position, bring legs parallel to ground, do flutter kicks – what did you think it was?) Then flip flop, going back and forth dropping counts until you reach 1.
  • Captain America with coupons. 1:4 ratio up to 10:40. Tricep extension/curls for the girls.
  • Mighty Thor with coupons. 1:4 ratio up to 10:40. big boy situps/American Hammer.
  • Iron Man with coupons. 1(cadence count):4 ratio up to 10(cadence count):40. Shoulder raise/calf raise. Didn’t complete due to time.
  • 11 burpees to honor the train. Since Biiiiiing left early, everyone added 1.
  • Rapid Fire IC – no recovery.
    • LBAC fwd 10
    • LBAC bck 10
    • BAC fwd 10
    • BAC bck 10

Naked Moleskin:

  • As the PAX stood there glistening, some good things were discussed, LEGOLAND’s M’s new job. Trinity Mission breakfast serving on Friday, 2 2nd F’s coming u: Biiiings party and Seatdown’s party.  Launches in Orlando and Tampa. GrowRuck. It was good to have salt back in the gloom with Jumanji, Heisenberg, and OTC back in the mix.
  • Prayers to FarahandFarah and his M.

I had a whole list of things to do today..maybe next time.


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