BOHICA in the Florida Gloomidity

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  • When: 8/4/16
  • QIC: Biiiiing
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Seatdown, Pyro, Snuffy (respect) Bigbird, Heisenberg, Lifo, OTC, Feud, Barker, FNG (PUD), FNG (Spaulding)

  • 13 PAX braved the 100000000% humidity of NE Florida. 2 FNGs welcomed. Most PAX had either weight vest or Ruck with 20-30 lbs.
  • Warm-up
  • Happy Jacks – 5 IC
  • Don Quixote – 15 IC
  • The Thang
  • Line up on track with slower runners to front to set pace to not leave anyone behind. Run to BB court and line up on end line. Pax was given a choice of arms or legs. Majority picked legs, so we started with legs.
  • Legs – Lungicide – forward stepping to the line, backward stepping to baseline. 5 hand release merkins at baseline. Hand release merkins until 6 finishes.
  • Arms – Bearicides – bear crawl forward to line, crawl bear back to baseline. 10 Prisoner Squats at baseline. +5 each time return to baseline.
  • Mosey back to field
  • Dolly – 20 IC
  • Lbc – 15 IC
  • Monkey humpers – 10 IC
  • Side Lunges – 8 IC, lots of mumble chatter.
  • Skaters – 20 OYO counting only 1 leg (mumble chatter stopped).
  • Gorilla humpers – 10 IC
  • Moved to treeline. Had Pax Partner Up to fireman’s carry partner to other side of field. Switch and come back to start. Most Pax were wearing Ruck Sack with 20-30lbs. So Some partner’s carried partner weight plus Ruck weight, plus their own Ruck.
  • Move to pavilion
  • Dips – 15 OYO
  • Step ups – 10 each leg OYO
  • Moved to parking lot
  • 1 minute But Kis then switch starting leg and repeat for another minute.
  • Prayer requests – Barker and M anniversary of losing son next week, safe travel for SeatDown, OTC med clearance (still) and Drone’s M dealing with morning sickness
  • Announcements – Pool Party 8/13 and 9/3. Serving at Shelter 8/5. Ruck Trail Training 9/5 @ UNF at sunrise.

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