Suicide Squad Wannabes

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  • When: 8/8/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Pyro, Big Bird

Weather: Squall’s a comin’

This windy morning, rolling into Friendship Fountain at 0531 as Q with no pax in sight, YHC realized that Kessel Run has gotten soft on punctuality, largely due to my own lack of leadership and standard-setting in this area as AO Q.  As leaders, others must be able to depend on us to be men of our word and to be where we say we’ll be, when we say we’ll be there.  Thus, when the pax showed up a few minutes later, 20 burpee penalties were handed out to all present and a new standard was set: Kessel will start on F3 time (precisely at 0530), even if there are only two pax, with 20 burpee penalties all around for late arrivals, and the Pain Train will pull out of the station at 0535 at the latest.


With penalties completed, the bright-eyed and bushy tailed pax performed 15 Heisenberg step-ups and a warmup lap around the fountain (butt kicks, high knees, karaoke left/right, side shuffle left/right) and headed straight for Kessel’s nemesis, the Acosta Bridge.

The Thang:

Up the bridge, sprint the last third of the way to the peak, jog down the other side.  Circle around CSX HQ to the Riverwalk, sprint up the pedestrian bridge spiral ramp, jog down the other side to the base.  LBCs while waiting for our favorite morning walker and his friendly canine companion to pass.

On the far side of the ped bridge, YHC introduced the Suicide Squad.  Sprint to the first bench on the ramp and back, 10 Hand Release Merkins, sprint to 2nd bench, 10 HRM, etc.  6 round trips in all to the top of the bridge = 60 Hand Release Merkins.

Same route on the return trip, including the steepest section of bridge in all of Jax and a 100 yd., 3/4 sprint to the peak again.


  • Pyro – kids going back to school this week and next, pray for a smooth transition
  • Big Bird – financial aid opens at work this week, pray for ability to manage new store well in his first beginning of semester as manager
  • Drone – continued prayer for clarity on long-term job direction and big picture purpose with M as a couple
  • SeatDown – returning from St. Louis, safe travels
  • Disco – safety while deployed in Japan

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