F3 Olympics

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  • When: 08/13/16
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Big Bird, PUD, Munchkin, LEGOLAND, Piano Man, Brexit, Easy, Fix-It, Farah & Farah (respect), LIFO, Eileen, Snuffy (respect), OTC, Jumanji (tribute), Toxic (double respect), Heisenberg, PYRO (tribute), Hollywood, Feud (YHC)

19 PAX descended to Alexander Oaks Park in the Florida gloom for this morning’s beat down. This Saturday brought more competition within the JAX PAX. It was hotter than Rio here at ANCHOR this morning in more ways than one as the JAX PAX competed in our own version of the Olympic games. So let the games begin…


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • LAC Forward/backwards x10 IC
  • BAC Forward/backwards x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • LBCs x 20 IC

The Thang

PAX broke up into four teams of 4 plus one team of 3. Each team was fairly even in terms of skill mix using a flawed method of splitting the teams. One member of each team moseyed to pick a block while the rest of the PAX performed the following exercises:

  • Freddie Mercury x20
  • Dive Bombers x10
  • Floyd Mayweathers x 10 each arm

Block Clock Merkin Relay

In the Olympics, they use a baton during the relay races; here at F3 Olympics, we used a cinder block. This was a mix of a relay race and Clock Merkins. Each team lines up behind each other in the order of when they run. First PAX of each team is the first runner. The runner carries the block and performs the following exercises at each cone. Second set of (merkins) represents when the runner was coming back to the starting line:

  • 1st cone: Irkins x20 (Staggered Merkins right x20)
  • 2nd cone: Staggered Merkins with left hand on block x20 (Derkins x20)
  • 3rd cone: Derkins x20 (Staggered Merkins left x20)
  • 4th cone: Staggered Merkins with right hand on block x20 (Irkins x20)

While the runner is doing his routine, each PAX member is doing AMRAP of the following exercise with coupons until the runner passes the “baton” (1st runner then does 4th runner exercises and so on):

  • 2nd runner: Squats
  • 3rd runner: Biceps Curls and Overhead Presses
  • 4th runner: Bent-Over Rows and Pterodactyl

The Hurdles

Same teams. Essentially this was a Railroad Track Race to the far cone and back.

The Javelin and Discus Throws

The three man team of OTC, Heisenberg and Legoland was awarded the win for the races for having to have one man run the relay race twice and then a member of his team going out to help lead his teammate back to the baseline as he fatigued. For their victory, they were permitted to toss the poor excuse for a javelin (yard stake) and discus (2½ pound plate) as far as they could. The rest of the PAX sprinted to where the javelin/discus landed and performed the exercise of the winning teams choice:

  • Monkey Humpers
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Hello Dolly
  • Pickle Pounders
  • American Hammers

The games ended with something we don’t always do enough of… stretching.


  • Prayers for Good Hands regarding heart issues
  • Prayers for Sticky Rice and his family as they travel to do God’s work and bring the Gospel to Pakistan. May the Lord bless and protect them and give them the strength and perseverance to do His will.
  • The Lord’s Prayer

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