Revenge of the Filthy 50

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  • When: 8/23/16
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Biiiing, PUD, Sod, SeatDown, Feud, Eileen, OTC, Spaulding, Heisenberg, Jumanji (tribute), Big Bird, SOC

YHC tried yesterday and again just before show time to convince the pax that today’s beatdown would be too difficult and they would be better off fartsacking, but 13 brave, foolish souls still decided to show up.  A few had checked the Q schedule and knew what to expect, while others came in curious and blind.

About a month ago, YHC led a Crossfit-themed workout and we didn’t have time to finish the second event, the Filthy 50, so the pax were told we would revisit it at a later date.  YHC doesn’t like leaving unfinished business, so today I fulfilled my promise and served up a pure, unadulterated second helping of the Filthy Fiddy.

Conditions: Equatorial rainforest


  • 15 x Toy Soldiers
  • 15 x Plank Jacks
  • 15 x Mountain Climbers
  • 10 x Burpees to honor the train

The Thang:

Pax were split into four groups and rotated through the following exercises, with each group starting at a different odd-numbered station:

  1. 50 x Table Jumps
  2. 50 x Block Swings (same form as kettle bell swing)
  3. 50 x Jumping Pull-ups on monkey bars
  4. 50 x Walking Lunges
  5. 50 x Overhead Plate Presses (35 lb. or 45 lb. plate)
  6. 50 x Knees to Chest on monkey bars
  7. 50 x Superman (back extensions)
  8. 50 x Burpees

With precisely six minutes to spare, we capped the day with some 6 Minutes of Mary:

  • 25 x Flutter Kicks
  • 15 x Rosalita Wip
  • 5 x Dr. W. (courtesy of Big Bird)

Soggy Moleskine

  • YHC: “It’s not too late to get back in your cars and jump back in bed, no judgement.”  SOC: “Ha, right, no judgement.  That’s a good one.”
  • OTC: “You know Drone, I tried to be nice Saturday and compliment you on the workout, and then you go and do this.  You know what, I take it back, no more nice words for you.”
  • “Is this that crazy 17-count exercise that Big Bird does?”
  • Jumanji gave T-claps to SOD for posting to two consecutive early morning workouts followed by afternoon football practice both days.
  • We struggled without the guidance and sagely wisdom of our Baby Boomer/Silver Alert contingent today.  With Toxic out and Snuffy and Farah traveling, there was a distinct lack of respect in the air.

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Repeats: Pool party, Labor Day ruck & workout, GrowRuck
  • Fri. Sept. 2 – Trinity Rescue 3rd F
  • LIFO learned he has a minor foot fracture that flared up on Saturday and he’s taking a few weeks off to allow it to heal.
  • Safety for traveling brothers – Pyro, Snuffy, Ken Fleming with the broken phone
  • Remember Sticky Rice and his family as they move to Pakistan

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