The Devil’s Mile(Sort of)

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  • When: 09/19/2016
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Toxic, Seatdown, Hollywood, Toxic

6 PAX braved the thick, gooey, gloomidity to experience the Devil’s Mile, well part of it anyway.

Conditions: icky 80 degrees

The Thang

The Thang:
Starting from one cone of the 1/4 mile path,  perform the following:
Bear Crawl to cone #2
10 Merkins
Sumo Walk to Cone  #3
10 Squats
Lunge Walk to cone  #4
Overhead Squat Presses with ruck – or overhead squat claps if no ruck
Sumo Walk to The street
10 Leg Lifts w/Ruck held high

Paused for new addition, “play it cool” =5 Merkins for every car passing.
1 lap with ruck raised – or with plank arms straight out by your side if no ruck
Rinse and Repeat was the goal.  No dice.

Rucking is hard and we are learning that we can always improve.  Just when you think you have arrived, Toxic breaks out with a foxhole story from Naam or regaling us with his bathrobe talks.  Life/Workouts are just better with men like Toxic. Be like Toxic.

-Prayers for Jumanji-adoption, Seatdown’s flat tire, and my jury duty.



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