SeatDown’s Wood

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  • When: 09/01/16
  • QIC: SeatDown
  • The PAX: Snuffy, OTC, Heisenberg, Bigbird, Jumanji, SOC, Farah n Farah, LIFO, Pyro, Eileen, Drone, LEGOLAND, Bing, Feud

With GrowRuck ever present in our minds, 16 JAX PAX strapped on packs and took on some fallen trees.  Due to the growing number of PAX showing up on random Thursdays, YHC could not find a tree long enough for all to participate but two 10 foot trees and a few 2 foot stumps proved adequate to kill the arms and strengthen the bonds between men.  Simple plan – pick up trees, mosey, exercise, mosey, recover.


    • Little Baby Arm Circles Forward then Backwards, Big Baby Arm Circles Forward then Backwards, Raise Roof, Prisoner Squats, Merkin, – 20 Each

The Thang

  • Indian Run with Trees above head – walking pace when not passing
    • Shift log ahead when new leader takes over
    • One lap around the park to practice and then off to the road and San Marco square ~.5mi each way

When Arrive

    • With Packs – Heisenberg Step Ups on Fountain – 20
    • No Pack – 20 Jump Ups
    • Air Chair till 6 completes
  • Next Exercise…Group Heisenberg Step Ups in Cadence with Logs on chest – 20
  • Time to Mosey Back to park
    • Split into 2 groups – each gets a log
    • Walking pace – Move log from shoulder to above head to other shoulder and back – In Cadence

When Back

  • Line up shoulder to shoulder, 1ft apart on six
    • Holding V Position
    • Start of Line (SOL) passes mini logs, side to side, one at a time through line
    • SOL then runs to end of line and resumes V Position
    • Repeat process until all logs reach end of field


– Planned travel for several PAX

– Upcoming launches in Orlando and Tampa could use PAX support

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