F3 Orlando Launches with a BANG!

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  • When: 09/24/2016
  • QIC: BigBird and Drone
  • The PAX: Bojangles (FNG), Stalker (FNG), Dodgeball (FNG), Quad (FNG), Gollum (FNG), Crawl Space (FNG), Mind Bender, City Slicker, Skid Mark, Twinkle Toes, Greyhound, Sussudio, Tatonka, Pyro, Heisenberg, Feud, Drone, BigBird.

18 excited Pax posted for the launch of F3 Orlando! 6 FNG’s posted to see what the buzz was all about.

Heisenberg kicked things off with a short introduction to F3 and what they were about to experience. He also introduced the launch Q’s, YHC and Drone, and with that the beatdown commenced!


  • YHC called Merkins – Drone demonstrated x5
  • SSH x25 Drone
  • Imperial Walkers x25 YHC
  • Little Arm Circles x20 each Forward and Back Drone
  • High Knees x20 YHC
  • Squat x15 Drone
  • Merkins x10 YHC
  • Flutter Kicks x25 Drone
  • Mountain Climbers x20 YHC
  • LBC x20 Drone
  • Merkins x10 YHC
  • Freddie Mercury x20 Drone

The Thang

Ark Loader

Pax lined up on sidewalk:

  • Bear Crawled to opposite side and back
  • Crab Walked to opposite side and back
  • (Drone went a little off the rang with this one) Crawl Bear one way, reverse Crab Walk back.

At this point the Pax split into 2 groups. One went with YHC the other with Drone.

YHC’s Group

  • Step Ups x 10
  • Irkin x 10
  • Dips x 10
  • Step Ups x 10
  • Derkins x 10
  • Dips x 10
  • Captain Thor until other group finishes.

Drone’s Group

  • AMRAP 5 Minutes:
    • Cone 1: Lunges x 10
    • Cone 2: Burpees x 5
    • Cone 3: Squats x 10
    • Cone 4: Burpees x 5
  • AMRAP 5 Minutes:
    • Cone 1: Big Boy Sit Ups x 10
    • Cone 2: American Hammer x 10
    • Cone 3: Homer to Marge x 10
    • Cone 4: LBC’s x 30
  • Suicide until other group finishes.

Flip flop groups and do what the other group did.

At this point YHC presented F3 Orlando with their shovel flag. Snuffy from F3 Jax did an excellent job with the bright orange beauty. I explained the significance of having a flag at every workout and the reason that we fly it proud. Orlando’s flag is extra special because Twinkle Toes of F3 St. Simon’s got a flag that was flown over the Florida State Capitol in recognition of F3 Orlando and their mission.

COT and Closing Thoughts

COT’s at launch are always fun naming the new FNG’s and Orlando gave us a lot of good material to work with. Coffeeteria was a rousing success. We maxed out the interior of the Canopy Cafe in Winter Park. I am humbled to have been a part of this launch and I look forward to the fruit that I know we will see blossom from F3 Orlando!

Special thanks to my brothers from Jacksonville and St. Simon’s who made the trip down to help with the launch. I could not have done it without you guys!


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