Good Ruck!

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  • When: 09/26/16
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Farrah N Farrah

Welcome to the countdown! Only 8 weeks until the moment of truth.  In the meantime, let’s do this. Ruck it!

As a wise man said, “You don’t get up to fun, you get up to work.”

With our rucks engaged, we begin.

The Thang

All IC x15

Seal Jacks

LBAC f/b

RAise the Roof

Parker Peters

Sumo walk to BBall court

Evolution of Man

Low Crawl

Bear Crawl

Duck Walk

Lunge Walk

Ruck to next pavilion -circle up

Merkin wave x5

Lunges-Left x10

Lunges-Right x10

Overhead Press x10

Rucks out front-Hold 10 count

Curls for the girls x15 -Overhead 15 count

Ruck Pile -American Hammers while passing Rucks down the line x5

Catch me if you can-(Partner Up)

Partner A rucks while Partner B does 10 diamond Merkins before running to catch. End up at the playground.

A does 10 pull-ups while B holds his Ruck and does Al Gore. R&R.

15 Heisenberg step ups per leg


Praise for FnFs M healing

Prayer for HB’s 2.0 at school.


YHC- Heisenberg

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