Birthday Q

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  • When: 10/22/16
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Snuffy (Respect), OTC, Biiiiing, Feud, Farah and Farah (Double Respect), PUD

A few Jax Pax showed up for a pre-workout Ruck Walk. A field trip out the beach for another ruck training has been thrown out there so maybe something in the near future will ensue

8 guys braved this seasonably cool and balmy morning for YHC’s birthday Q. Weather conditions: a chilly 55 degrees (which means break out the sweatshirts for us Florida folk). YHC decided to mix things up this morning with a martial arts inspired (mostly Bruce Lee really) warm-up.


  • Enter the Dragon: squats with alternating punches x 20 IC
  • The Game of Death: deep squats with alternating front kicks x 20 IC
  • Fists of Fury: L foot Forward – jab, cross, jab, hook x 20 IC
  • Fists of Fury: R foot Forward – jab, cross, jab, hook x 20 IC
  • Riddick Bowe (has one of the meanest uppercuts around): alternating uppercuts x 20 IC
  • Jump Rope: imaginary jump rope x 20 IC (some were even seen doing double unders & crossovers)
  • Circle Burp: one round around the pax

The Thang:

DMC’s – Duckwalk, Merkins, Crawl Bears and Squats

  • With cones about 10 yards apart: Duckwalk to the 10 yard line, 5 merkins, Crawl Bear back to the start, 5 squats
  • Repeat with increasing by 5 reps each round, going up to 25 reps

Flap Jack Burpee 1/2 Pyramid

  • With cones about 25 yards apart: Start at one end and run to the other side, perform 1 Flap Jack Burpee. Run back to the other end and perform 2 Flap Jack Burpees. Continue up to 10.
  • This was supposed to be a full pyramid but after much mumble chatter, we ended up doing just 1/2 the pyramid up to 10 reps

Quarter Pounder (may also be known as the Royale w Cheese in Britain)

  • 5 cones at 0 yards, 25 yards, 50 yards, 75 yards and 100 yards
  • SPRINT to the 25 yard cone and perform 25 merkins, RUN backwards to the starting cone.
  • SPRINT to the 50, then 50 squats and RUN backwards to the starting cone.
  • SPRINT to the 75, then 75 mountain climbers and RUN backwards to the starting cone
  • SPRINT to the 100, then 100 SSH’s and RUN backwards to the starting cone

Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear LINE of FIRE w/ Mucho Chesto

  • With cones about 10 yards apart, the pax will Bear Crawl one direction and Crawl Bear the other. 5 selected pax will call down where the pax will perform 10 werkins. Continue through the other pax for 10 merkins, 10 diamonds merkins, 10 left-stagger merkins and 10 right-stagger merkins.

DORA 3-2-1

  • Pair up for partner runs and 300 squats, 200 Big Boy Sit Ups, 100 Merkins


Praise report for Feud and Biiiiing for getting through their hospital recertification

Prayers for:

  • Feud – fall festival at church
  • BB – Alyssa and her mortgage / home closing
  • Pyro – friend who just got diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • PUD – co worker that has some health issues with cancer
  • Biiiiing – traveling with the family, girls first time on an airplane

Peace Out — PYRO


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