Tatanka returns to where it all started @F3theFort

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  • When: 10/29/16
  • QIC: CSPAN & Tatanka
  • The PAX: Flat Tire, 1-Niner, Bonsai, Frat Boy, Jiffy, Double D, Anchorman, Barry Manilow, Santini, Bubba Gump, Pusher, Airborne, TChaser, Quack Attack, & Trucker

Extra credit starting at 0600 with 1-Niner, joined by Flat Tire, Bubba Gump, & Pusher. Tatanka, Trucker, & I Rucked in for some #GrowRuck training.

Disclaimer witnessed by Legal Counsel

Quick sermon on Tatanka and him being a “glue man” = Every group needs glue men and you never truly realize their value until they are gone. Glue is an adhesive, “a force that exists in the area of contact between unlike bodies and that acts to unite them.” Simply put: glue holds stuff together…. Who is the glue on your F3 team? Who holds your F3 team together? Who keeps the team focused when times are tough? Who does all of the little things to make your team successful? Tatanka held me and TChaser (and several other #HIM) accountable. Every team needs a “glue” player like this, one who will make necessary sacrifices that hold F3 together.

and we were off…running…planking…running…planking until we got to the Gun Lot.

We lined up on the curb for a long #arkloader series…lots of #mumblechatter today…lots of stretching and modifying…DD & Pusher seemed to on a date, TChaser and Niner played the roles of #malemodels #BlueSteel only to be outpaced by Anchorman and Barry Manilow #prettyboys

My favorites today included the 100 LBC, the soccer hips, 100 LBC, 100 flutters, and I think about 40 flying squirrels…started to get a little winded, and tossed the Q to Tatanka.

Tatanka on Q

Partner up- size does not matter

Review of BOMBS (crowd pleaser):
200 Bombjacks
200 Overhead Claps in a squat position
200 Merkins
200 Big boy Situps
300 Squats

Gump and Flat Tire still think (correctly) they are faster than me, and Airborne did poorly in the partner selection…

more running…stop at wall lot…

Long peoples chair series #epicmumblechatter and Santini might really sing just like Katy Perry #weird Bonsai and Trucker separated to a different taller wall away from us…? Frat Boy and Pusher seem to have entirely too much information on senior citizen STDs #reallyweird #dalewebbclub

more running…stop for SSH…whole lotta refusnik…

more running back to COT for a COP…some kind of wine mixers…just awfulness…

COT/Prayer or Praise/BOM

Naked Man Moleskine

trademarks included #mantan #grantan and now #flantan

Jiffy we all still feel bad we missed your Q last week…

Quack Attack rode in and appears to want to Q the #F3BikerClub

Crab Cakes was absent today…Grapevine loves your business tiny man…we know where you were yesterday…

Be a better man today than you were yesterday,

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