Pre-ANCHOR – GROWRUCK training – Nice Log.

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  • When: 11/05/16
  • The PAX: Jumanji, PUD, Eileen, BigBird, Pyro, LIFO

As we get closer to GROWRUCK, YHC wanted to put in a longer ruck than previous days.  For the past month or so, a few PAX have gotten together anywhere from 30 mins – 2 hr early to a Post for rucking.

This particular day, YHC thought, 3 hours is good. Let’s meet at 4am. Some needed practice (me), some needed gear testing.

Jumanji, PUD and YHC -LIFO set out south from AO Park at 4am, with a 25# team weight plate. We went south about 1.3 miles, then turned back to head to AO park to meet up with more PAX. Along the route YHC found a piece of wood from a downed tree from Hurricane Matthew. This was carried along either partner carry, or single over the shoulders. With a nice curve to it, it fits nicely on the shoulders. As PUD was carrying it, it was noticed that he looked like a water buffalo, and going forward this was to be called ‘The Yoke’.

At 5am we meet up with BigBirg, Pyro, and Eileen (all who thought 4am was too early). As you know most people have a tactical or padded belt on their ruck sack, not BigBird, he has a nice skinny black leather belt with a gold buckle. Very nice! (Borat voice).

The Yoke was to be carried by everyone about 15 mins apiece, or partner carried.

Of we went for North this time, between 2 apartment buildings was a few water fountains, Jumanji and PUD decided to wade into them to test waterproofness of their shoes.

As we were bear crawling up the Main Street bridge a warning was passed down the line that you might only hear in Jacksonville ‘ Look out for syringes!’ Good think we have headlamps on.  PUD did cut his hand but on glass. Might wear gloves next time. We were behind a group of people who thought we were crazy and starting recording us.

Heading back, we went across the Acosta bring, Pyro had the The Yoke. A lady who was walking in our direction said to him. ‘Nice Log!’.  Some good mumblechatter ensued.

Total for second part about 5.5 miles, total overall about 8 miles. No equipment malfunctions.



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