BLIMPS are not for wimps

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  • When: 11/28/2016
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: FarrahNFarrah, Jumanji, Burmease Python (BP)

Best way to start the week returning to proper form after many bad decisions over the holiday is some misery with your brothers!

Conditions: 60 degrees (winter)

Toxic joined us in the new millennium by sending his regrets as he was out-of-town.  Surely, the end is near, if Toxic has figured out texting!

We had an FNG join us after getting EH’d by his bro-in-law (Thanks Floppy-disk). Welcome Kevin Lao, aka Burmease Python(BP)

The Thang

Warm Up All IC x15





Mosey to Parking Lot

4 cones were set up at the corners of the lot for BLIMPS

Ascending count for each round starting at 10

Round 1 10 Burpees at each cone

Round 2 20 Lunges L/R

Round 3 30 Imperial Walkers

Round 4 40 Mountain Goats (modified after 1st cone) hard as crap!

Round 5 50 Plank Jacks

Round 6 Squats (modified for time)


Gathered around the garbage can for a mission. YHC has a thing about leaving the park better than we found it.  The park always has tons of garbage scattered around so I stole an idea from Jumanji and included it in the beatdown.  The group had a goal to finish with 100 Merkins, so for every piece of garbage collected in a 90 second period, the YHC deducted that from the total.

We ended our adventure w/70 Merkins.

Definately going to revisit that one.

Happy to have an FNG, BP join us this am.  Welcome!


All good reports.  Grateful for our blessings and health. It is a priviledge to lead.




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