PUD’s Virgin Q – 1 Minute of Pain

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  • When: 12/01/16
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Barker, Birgbird, Bing, Drone, Feud, Hollywood, Jumanji, Lifo, PUD, Pyro, S.O.C., Seatdown, Snuffy, Synapse, Toxic, SOD, Wrongway, FNG who will now be known as "Nature Boy"! for his extreme wrestling skills!

17 Pax braved the rain to come for my Virgin Q.  The heckling was kept to a minimum as I repeated botched the cadence count, failed to properly project, screwed up the voice inflection, etc… I guess that means that I will have to try again in order to improve upon things!  Drone was kind enough to send me “The Video” that apparently explains how to count, etc… so I’ll be ready next time!
There are 3 circuits to The Thang, each circuit contained 3 exercises that are each done for one minute. The circuit was repeated before we moved on to the next circuit.
  • Butt Kickers – 30 Sec OYO
  • Side Straddle Hops – 30 In Cadence
  • Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward / Backwards / Big Backwards Fingers Down / Forward Big
  • Fast Runners – Around Library / Slow Runners – One Large Loop
  • Circuit 1:
    • Deep Skaters (touch the floor)
    • Mountain Climber Merkin (do push up, bring one knee in, push up, bring other knee in)
    • V-ups; repeat circuit
  • Circuit 2:
    • Drop Squat (deep squat jump forward and back)
    • Squat with side punch (Pyro Inspired)
    • Hillbillies – Standing side crunch (knees to elbow); repeat circuit (second time though add a squat to standing side crunch)
  • Circuit 3:
    • Low squat jump (meaning you stay in squat–never standing straight)
    • Merkin Jacks;
    • Freddie Mercury (Bicycles)
  • Light Mosey around the inner lap
  • Stretch
    • Started with 10 Burpees (Thanks Jumanji!)

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