Getting Better – Track Day

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  • When: 12/12/2016
  • QIC: SeatDown
  • The PAX: Pyro, PUD, BigBird

4 PAX stepped out into “July during December” this AM and decided to go ahead and do an old fashion F3 Track Day. With humidity sucking us down, we lined up and got at it…Why a track day? Glad you asked… interval style running increases speed endurance (faster for longer), makes for better form/more efficient running, and builds strength that most jogs do not. Down side… they hurt and make you want to cheat, so always bring a friend.

Our focus was on consistency; which YHC earned a C- in, as delirium set in around lap 4or5 and even counting the laps proved too challenging for most of us. The two long loops set the pace and the next 6 were challenges to maintain it. Decreasing distances to keep form and spirits sharp. Overall, solid w/o with a solid PAX.


Welcome & Disclaimer


  • Q breaks down game plan
  • Warm up lap – long loop = Fountain –> Prudential Drive –> Main St Bridge –> Back to Fountain
  • Butt kicks, High Knees, Skips around fountain
  • Quad and Hamstring stretching


The Thang:

  • 2 Laps of Long Loop (~.75 mi)
    • Goal – 5k race pace
    • 20 Derkins off benches after each
  • 3 Laps of Med Loop (~.5 mi) = Fountain –> Mary St –> Main St Bridge –> Back to Fountain
    • 20 Dips after each
  • 4 Laps of Short Loop (~.25 mi) = Fountain –> Museum Cir –> Main St Bridge –> Back to Fountain
    • 20 Irkins after each
    • Ran out of time… BigBird won the crown by getting the farthest and completing 3 of 4
  • Plank for 6
  • Group stretch



  • Q reflections on starting with purpose and striving to maintain that pace… in w/os and life. Avoiding the temptations to 1)look too far ahead and hold back or 2)burn out and slowly fade away
  • Drone household – peace and protection during holiday season, with ill ladies and a new work adventure!
  • SeatDown’s sick 2.2 and 2.3 and one tired and stressed out M

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