Did we do enough merkins?

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  • When: 12/13/16
  • The PAX: Twister, Brief, Feud, Eileen, Heisenberg, Jumanji, FarahandFarah, Drone, SOC, PUD, PYRO, Eddie FNG - Bowzer, Bing, LIFO

14 of the usual PAX and 1 FNG posted in the gloomy conditions that is Jacksonville. On the drive over, you could barely see the car next to you at the light (which happened to be FarahandFarah). PUD noted that since I was Q, there wouldn’t be much running..and of course….he was right.

Everything blended together so lets get to it.

  • Welcome
  • disclaimer
  • Don Quixote 15 ic
  • Reachers 15 ic
  • Chinook 15 ic
  • Captain Thor 1:4 –>10:40 – some mumblechatter saying it was too soon in workout, needed to be near the end.
  • worst, worst merkin ever 5 ic (crucible, werkin, merkin, diamond) – many grumblings on this one.
  • jump squats 15 ic
  • lbc 50 ic
  • mosey to pavillion
  • calf raises 25 ic – Heisenberg said we don’t do enough calf raises, so
  • calf raises 15 ic
  • dips 15 ic
  • irkins 15 ic
  • mosey to field
  • sumo squat 20 oyo
  • iron hulk 1:4 –>10:40
  • WW1 situps 20 ic
  • worst, worst merkin ever 5 ic – YHC asked if it was better this time around, no real good answers, so
  • worst, worst merkin ever 5 ic
  • flutter kicks 25 ic
  • mosey to pavillion
  • calf raises 25 ic
  • dips 15 ic
  • step ups 15 each leg oyo
  • irkins 15 ic
  • 10 burpees to honor train
  • lap around park
  • bb situps 15 ic
  • merkins 10 ic
  • Lindsay Lohan

All in all I think it was close to 200 merkins, and I’m sure there was another exercise or two as well I might have forgotten.

We welcomed Eddie who works for ADT, a rival company in town is Safetouch. In Safetouch’s commercials there is a character – Bowzer.Bowzer it is.

F3 Christmas Party and IHOP (Infamous house of Pyro), Sunday 12/18 4pm-?. 2.0’s welcome.

I asked who has started Freed to Lead, I especially pointed out the discussion part of POGO40, in which we have someone to talk to and encourage and lead as well (without paying for it).

Leaving with the Boy Scout Slogan – Do a good turn daily. No matter how small it might seem to you, it can be enormous to someone else.



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