Post-Christmas Convergence at ANCHOR

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  • When: 12/26/16
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Piano Man, Balut, Hairball (FNG), SOC, Snuffy (respect), Feud

7 PAX overcame the post-holiday fartsack (and food coma) to answer the call for a special “Day After Christmas” convergence at ANCHOR. Little did the PAX know that San Marco was part of the 20% of Jacksonville that would receive a nice dose of rain today. YHC took point and brought the PAX down a trip through memory lane as he pulled out one of his old beatdowns, but added a few new wrinkles.

COP (All warm-up exercises IC)

  • SSH x20
  • Hillbilly x20
  • Don Quixote x20
  • Toy Soldier x 20
  • LBAC forward/backwards x20
  • Moroccan Night Club x 20
  • Raise the Roof x20
  • Big-Boy Sit-ups x 15

The Thang

Mosey to “Moo-moo” park.

  • Modified Bear Crawl Ring of Fire
    • PAX circle up. PAX member bear crawls around circle then does 10 merkins upon returning to his place while rest of PAX hold plank. Repeat until all have completed exercise.
  • Tunnel of Love Merkins
    • 10 merkins before going through TOL

Mosey to San Marco Square

  • Rail walk down ramp
  • Partner Relays
  • P1-Balls to the Walls to failure then Air Chair
  • P2-Runs and performs the following:
    • Wheel of Merkin x10 each direction at the Gazebo
    • Step-Ups at fountain x10
    • Duck Walk around statute x1 lap
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Rail walk up ramp
  • At some point we honored the train with 10 burpees

On Mosey back to Moo-Moo Park

  • Alternating lunges and broad jumps between trees (and a couple of poles) in front of church

Return to Moo-Moo Park for the Holy Rosery

  • With a partner at each bench in park (6 total benches)- one Burpee, 10 Hail Marys, one Jump Squat
  • 5 minutes of Mary
    • Flutter kicks
    • Freddy Mercury’s
    • Box Cutters
    • Not-So-Lazy-Boys


  • We welcomed FNG, Steve Croy, who was dubbed Hairball
  • Continued prayers for LIFO, OTC and Ashley, Pud, Fife and Good Hands
  • Prayers for brothers traveling during the holiday season
  • Prayers for all to keep the reason for the season, Christ, alive and well all year long
  • Lord’s Prayer

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